How do I add Bellsouth email to iPhone?

Ensure to use the iPhone’s Mail, Contacts, Calendars section of the app to set up a new email account and add the existing ones to the device, including the BellSouth email account. Once you add it, you can use mail or any application to receive or send emails from your BellSouth account. Get in touch with our tech experts on how do i log into my Bellsouth email & how do i check my Bellsouth net email. They will be at your assistance for 24 hours, seven days a week.

How to set up your BellSouth Email?

Step 1:-

Open the Settings app on the iPhone & choose Mail, Contacts & Calendars.

Step 2:-

Then, hit on Add Accounts which is under the Accounts heading.

Step 3:-

Choose Other as the account type.

Step 4

Then hit on Add Mail Account

Step 5:-

Make sure to type the name & email credentials & the associated password in the given fields.

Step 6:-

Then type the BellSouth mail server information in the given fields. BellSouth is owned by AT&T, which is why it uses the servers.

  • Enter the incoming server information
  • Enter the outgoing server information

In the Outgoing Mail Server space, type in the Host Name field & in the User Name section and also in place of CustomerID with the Customer ID number. Enter the account password in the given field.

Step 7:-

Hit on Next to verify that iPhone verifies that the settings work.

How to set up BellSouth Email iPhone 11?

  • The first step is you should set up the BellSouth Email.
  • Then, you are required to launch the Settings app on the iPhone.
  • Then, you have to click on Mail, Contacts, Calendar option.
  • After that, you would have to hit on the “Add Accounts” option under the Accounts section.
  • Then after that, hit on the Account Type option.
  • You are required to add an email account.
  • You have to add the name, email address & password in the given field.
  • You have to fill in the relevant details in the field given. If you are thinking, why is it using AT&T’s email servers because AT&T is the owner of BellSouth?

Customize the Email Settings

When you set up the BellSouth email account, and then take some minutes to configure how the mail receives or sends messages. Open the Settings app then hit on Mail, Contacts, Calendars & switch on the BellSouth email account under the Accounts heading. You can configure several settings, including how frequently the iPhone checks for mail & how back you want to sync email messages from the server.

After these steps, you can use the BellSouth emails and enjoy the services they provide. So, to use the BellSouth account, ensure you type in the right credentials to receive & send emails.

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Sometimes the users can have a difficulty while login to Bellsouth email but not to worry because here are a few simple steps to log in to email. Access your email in the browser. Go to and select mail, enter your email and password in the email box and you will receive an authentication security code. Make sure you chose the number you want to receive the code on, in case of multiple numbers. Enter the code and sign in.

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