Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Causes And Treatment

What Is Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Erectile disorder (ED) is when a man is having an inability to maintain and/or achieve an erection. ED could render sexual contact difficult if not treat. Erectile dysfunction is a condition that can manifest in men as young as 40years old, as per the Massachusetts Male Aging Study of sexual dysfunction. Around 30 million men suffer from erectile disorders as per the National Institute of Health.

Does Erectile Dysfunction Mean Poor Libido?

Erectile dysfunction is specifically referring to issues with getting or keeping an erection. Other types of male sexual dysfunction are low sexual libido as well as issues with the ejaculation process. People with erectile dysfunction typically possess a healthy libido but their bodies do not react to sexual contact with incontinence. There’s usually some physical reason for the issue.

Can Low Testosterone (Low T) Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Although low testosterone isn’t the sole reason for Erectile dysfunction, they are certainly connected. The connection between testosterone levels that are low and erectile disorder isn’t clear. Researchers believe that the two are related because appear to be in sync with the aging of a man. But, some men who have testosterone levels that are low continue to have healthy sexual erections.

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

Erectile dysfunction symptoms include an erection that is too soft to be sexually intimate and erections that only last short, and the inability to get an erection. Men who are unable to have or maintain an erection for at minimum seventy percent of the time when they try sexual relations are thought to be suffering from Erectile dysfunction.

Who Gets Erectile Dysfunction?

Sexual dysfunction becomes more frequent as men get older. As per the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, around 40% of men suffer from some form of inability to maintain or have an erection by the age of 40, compare to 70% of males at age 70. The percentage of males who suffer from erectile dysfunction ranges from 5 to 15% as they age from 40 to 70. Erectile dysfunction is treatable at any time.

The Mechanics Behind Erectile Dysfunction

When blood is flowing through two chambers of the penis (known by the name of corpora cavernosa) the erection happens. The penis will expand and stiffen, similar to like a balloon when it’s fill with fluid. This is cause by nerve impulses emanating from the brain and the genital region. Anything that blocks the impulses, or hinders the flow of blood to the penis could cause erectile dysfunction.

Diseases That Can Lead to Erectile Dysfunction

The relationship between chronic illness and erectile dysfunction is the most noticeable in the condition of diabetes. Around half of those who suffer from diabetes experience Erectile dysfunction. However, good control of blood sugar control can reduce the possibility.

Additionally, these four conditions can cause erectile dysfunction due to interference with the flow of blood or nerve impulses that circulate throughout the body.

  • Heart disease
  • Atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries)
  • Kidney disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis

Lifestyle Choices Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Lifestyle choices such as drinking, alcohol abuse, and weight gain can affect blood flow and cause erectile dysfunction. Drinking excessively, smoking, and addiction to drugs may cause damage to blood vessels and may reduce penis blood flow. Smoking can make men suffering from atherosclerosis particularly vulnerable to Erectile dysfunction. Smokers face nearly double the chance of developing erectile dysfunction when as compared to non-smokers. Being overweight and doing inactive can contribute to erectile dysfunction. Regular exercise is a good thing for men. less risk of developing Erectile dysfunction.

Surgery Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Treatments with radiation or surgical treatment for prostate cancer, bladder cancer, or prostate growth ( BPH) may cause damage to nerves and blood vessels in the vicinity of the penis. Sometimes, the nerve damage is permanent and the patient needs the treatment need to achieve an erection. Sometimes, surgery may cause temporary erectile dysfunction, which improves by itself over the course of six or 18 months.

Medications That Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Many drugs can trigger or contribute to erectile dysfunction, for example, some blood pressure drugs, antidepressants, and tranquilizers. People suffering from erectile dysfunction must discuss with their doctor in the event that they suspect an over-the-counter or prescription Fildena 100  and Cenforce 200 medication may be contributing to issues with erectile function.

Born This Way? Physiology and Erectile Dysfunction

It is typical for males who suffer from erectile dysfunction to have a physical cause and, in particular, older males. But, psychological causes could be present in up and 20% of males suffering from erectile malfunction. Experts suggest that anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and performance anxiety may hinder the possibility of having an erection. These issues can increase the likelihood of having erectile dysfunction for men whose sexual problems are cause by physical factors.

Cyclists and Erectile Dysfunction

The avid cyclists have more issues with sexual problems than athletes of other sports as the design of certain seats on bicycles puts stress on nerves which are crucial to sexual stimulation. Cycling enthusiasts who commute for many hours per week can benefit from seats that safeguard the perineum.

Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosis: Physical Exam

To determine if you have erectile dysfunction doctors will ask questions regarding the signs and symptoms, as well as the medical background. A thorough physical examination will be conducted to identify issues with nerves or circulation. The doctor will check for signs of abnormalities in the genital organs that could create problems with erections.

Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosis: Lab Tests

Numerous lab tests are useful to diagnose male sexual disorders. Testosterone levels can be use to identify if there is an imbalance in hormones that are usually related to a decreased desire.

These tests can reveal the root medical reasons behind ED:

  • Blood cell counts
  • Levels of Cholesterol
  • Sugar levels in the blood levels of sugar levels
  • Liver test of function

Is Erectile Dysfunction a Sign of Heart Disease?

Erectile dysfunction is an indication of a serious underlying illness. Studies have shown that erectile dysfunction can be an excellent predictor of heart attacks stroke, or even death due to cardiovascular disease. Men with erectile dysfunction should be screened for heart disease. This does not mean that every person suffering from Erectile dysfunction will be diagnosed with a heart condition and that all men suffering from heart disease suffer from erectile dysfunction. However, people suffering from erectile disfunction must be aware of the relationship.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: Lifestyle Changes

Most men suffering from erectile dysfunction can enhance sexual function by making a couple of lifestyle changes. Losing weight, quitting smoking, and regularly exercising can aid in improving blood flow. If you suspect that a medicine may be causing the erectile problem, consult your physician about it.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: Oral Drugs

Although it is widely use by the press, Viagra is not the only drug for erectile dysfunction. Other erectile dysfunction drugs include:

  • Cialis
  • Levitra
  • Staxyn
  • Stendra

They work by increasing the flow of blood to the penis when you are arousing and administere 30 to 60 mins prior to sexual activities. It is not recommended to use them more often than twice a daily. Cenforce 100 can be taken for up to 36 hours prior to sexual activity. It is also available in a daily, lower dosage. Staxyn dissolves when you chew it. Each requires a prescription from a doctor to ensure safety. buy erectile dysfunction medication online at the lowest price at Genericvillage Pharmacy store.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: Injections

There are also injectable medicines to treat the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Some men can experience more powerful erections after injecting these drugs straight into their penis. The drugs act by enlarging blood vessels, which causes the penis to fill with blood. Another alternative is a medication-infused pellet that is inserted into the urethra. It can induce an erection within 10 minutes. Patients must discuss the benefits of these injections with their doctor prior to use.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: Vacuum Devices (Pumps)

They are a viable alternative to taking medication. Pumps are used to treat erectile dysfunction. the penis is put inside a container. The pump then pulls air from the cylinder and creates a partial vacuum surrounding the penis, causing it to fill up with blood, resulting in an intimate erection. An elastic band that is placed around the penis’s base is utilized to ensure the erection when having an affair. Individuals must discuss the application of this device with their physician and, in particular, the use of elastic bands to prevent any damage to the penis.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: Surgery

If the cause of erectile dysfunction lies in an obstruction in the artery that leads to the penis surgical intervention is a possibility to bring blood flow back. The ideal candidates are usually younger men whose blockage results of an injury that occurred to their pelvis or crotch. The procedure is not advise for patients with a wide arterial narrowing throughout their bodies.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: Implants

For men who have ongoing erectile dysfunction, a penile implant could bring back sexual activity. A penile implant that is inflatable consists of two cylinders surgically placed in the penis. If you want to get an erection the man utilizes an electric pump for filling the cylinders up with pressurized fluid. Alternately, a malleable device that is surgically implanted with rods could be used to boost an erection.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy can be helpful for those suffering from erectile dysfunction, even if erectile dysfunction does not have an established physical root. Therapists can guide the man and his companion on techniques to decrease anxiety about performance and increase intimacy. Therapy can also aid couples to adapt on the usage of devices that use vacuum as well as implants.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: Alternative Therapies

The men who suffer from erectile disfunction should discuss with their physician before considering supplements for erectile problems. They may contain more than 10 ingredients and could cause problems for other health issues. Asian Ginkgo biloba and ginseng (seen below) are both popular, but there’s not a lot of studies that prove their efficacy. Certain men have found that using the DHEA supplement can improve their ability to get a sexual erection. The long-term security of DHEA supplements is not known. Many doctors do not suggest using it.

Discussing Erectile Dysfunction With Your Partner

It’s normal to be at times embarrasse or angry when faced with Erectile dysfunction. Keep in mind that your partner may also affect you. Engaging in open discussions about erectile problems with your partner will assist them to understand the cause and the treatment choices (and will assure your partner that you’ve never lost interest).

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