Decidual Cast

A decidual cast is when a piece of tissue goes through your vaginal canal. It looks like the shape of your uterus when you are outside. Menstruating women can be affected. Vaginal bleeding can occur as it leaves your body. If the decidual cast is not related to another condition, the symptoms will go away. There isn’t a single cause of a decidual cast, but it may be related to hormonal contraception or ectopic pregnancies.

What Are The Causes

Ectopic pregnancy

When an egg is fertilize outside the uterus, it causes ectopic pregnancy, and this is a medical emergency, and it isn’t a viable pregnancy.

Hormonal Contraceptives

Hormonal contraceptives with a high dose of progesterone are more likely to increase your risk for the decidual cast. The contraceptives that can be inject or implanted include oral contraceptives. If you have recently stop taking hormonal contraceptives or have been taking them inconsistently, you could be at risk

Other Causes

  • Benign or cancerous tumours
  • Polyps
  • An aborted or miscarried pregnancy
  • Intrauterine masses
  • Sarcoma botryoides

What Are The Symptoms?

You may experience bleeding, spotting, and abdominal pain before your body expels the decidul cast. A decidul cast will be red or pink when expelled, and it is very close to the size of your uterus. The entire lining leave as one piece, and the decidual cast is made up of tissue. Maybe the decidual cast will come out in fragments instead of a single piece of tissue.

What Increases The Risk For The Decidual Cast?

If you’re taking hormonal contraceptives, you might be more at risk of developing a decidual cast. This can include whether you’ve had it for a year or two, three or four years. You may be prone to developing a decidual cast if you no longer use a contraceptive method or have had a baby.

Most pregnant women who experience a decidul (mucus) cast do not experience any adverse effects, though it may affect their labour. There’s no reason to think that you will experience a decidal cast again, even if you’ve had one before.

Studies have shown that women don’t have any long-term health implications after passing a decidal cast.

Can You Prevent

There’s nothing you can do to prevent a decidual cast, so be sure to talk to your doctor if it happens.

Decidual bleeding or “breakthrough bleeding” is a possible side effect of some contraceptive methods. It’s widespread for women to experience breakthrough bleeding when they’re on the pill. Women who are thinking about using contraceptives should be aware of the side effects of those they are considering using.

Take birth control pills only when you need them. When you’re taking your contraceptives, you’ll want to be mindful of any unusual symptoms, like severe cramps and vaginal bleeding. Other common side effects of hormonal contraceptives include spots, vomiting, and nausea.



Therefore, it is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Drink a lot of water and exercise regularly. Are you pregnant? Do you feel like you can’t stand it anymore?  Read this post and know the causes of the decidual cast.

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