Vastu Bedroom Tips for Increasing Positivity at Home

Vastu Bedroom Tips for Increasing Positivity at Home

A bedroom is one place in your house where you want a good sleep after a hectic day. Vastu depends on the flow of cosmic energy into space to enhance living conditions and support harmony. In addition, colours play a vital part in each room. If used correctly, it can aid people to live in a positive home atmosphere. You can talk to Vastu consultant to get in-depth Vastu tips for the bedroom. Read further to know the top Vastu bedroom tips.

Vastu tips for bedroom

  • Kid’s room and furniture direction

The room of the little ones should face west, whereas the door must face east. Moreover, you must position the bed in the west or southwest corner of the space for luck and good wellbeing. The study table must be located to the west or southwest, whereas the bookshelf must be positioned to the northwest. The ideal colours for a kid’s room are yellow, light blue, green, and purple. Vibrant colours bring positivity and boost kids to be active. These colours can increase or improve cognitive skills like attention and concentration.

  • Electronic devices and television

It would be better to avoid appliances and TVs inside the bedroom as they are likely to transfer energies that can interrupt your sleep. Still, if you can’t avoid having a TV inside your bedroom, ensure that it is facing southeast.

  • Master bedroom direction

As per a Vastu consultant, the southwest corner of your home is the right location for constructing the master bedroom. Always avoid building a master bedroom in the northeast, as it must be reserved for the worship room. Similarly, the southwest is not suitable as it is governed by “Agni” and causes arguments and misunderstandings between husbands.

  • Placement of the bed

Try to avoid placing the bed precisely opposite the door. You must keep your head to the south or the east direction while sleeping. These directions will ensure that you get sound sleep and ensure an extended life. There must not be any beam crossing over the bed. What’s more, ensure that the shape of your bed is typical.

  • Mirror placement

A dressing table positioned adjacent to the bed is auspicious since it assures that the mirror will not reflect your body while you’re sleeping. As per a Vastu consultant and astrologers, you need to make sure that the mirror is located 4 to 5 feet above the ground. Also, there shouldn’t be the placement of two mirrors opposite to each other because it can draw negative energies.

  • Guest bedroom

The guest bedrooms must also be designed according to Vastu. As this room lodges guests, an ideal Vastu arrangement will avert the negative energies and make sure that the room brims with positive energies. The perfect location for this room is northwest. Do not go for the southwest direction since it is intended for the possessor of the property or head of the family. As for the bed location, the west or south part of the space is chosen. The south is the perfect direction for sleeping. Ultimately, the home appliances, like television, must go on the south-eastern wall of the space.

Tips To Keep in Mind When Building Vastu Compliant House

  • North-east direction

Location of rooms and items in the ideal direction is a key for attaining good Vastu. For example, the northeastern direction is very vital in fetching spiritual and affluent growth within the house. While building your house, make sure to place your study or worship room in the northeastern corner. You’ll get more prosperity, and all negativity will be barred from home.

  • Entry wall

Keep in mind to place a picture of Lord Ganesh on the entrance wall. An empty wall at the entrance of the home can illustrate and cause aloneness. By placing the picture on the wall, you can fight this and bring joy to your family.

  • Remove broken articles

Avoid keeping things inside the house which are damaged or broken. Whether it is a window, mirror, or even furniture, remove damaged things as early as possible. Damaged goods avoid the easy flow of positive energy. If you break something antique or valuable when constructing the house, don’t bring it inside because that will not assist in the development and affluence of the house.


As per many customary beliefs, every house has its own kind of energy. Anybody living in a specific house is considered to come under the effect of a particular kind of energy. This kind of energy impacts the person in response in several ways. 

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