What is lip micropigmentation and How Does It Work

Lip Micropigmentation  (otherwise known as short-form  or SMP  for  Smooth  Modified  Pigment – a registered trademark of the original developer of the technique)  is a cosmetic tattooing procedure that provides beautiful, natural looking lips without permanent makeup. It uses gentle pigment dyes that are typically placed into the upper and lower lips for balance and symmetry. The treatment will leave you with softer more sensual lips like those found on super models and actresses. Lip micropigmentation or lip makeup fills in lines and wrinkles to create fuller looking lips. Common areas treated include: Lips; Cupid’s bow;  Smoker lines  (around the mouth); Lip corners; and Full lip color to provide a more youthful appearance.

After undergoing one of these procedures, some people feel as though they look better than before treatment! Others love how they look but want to enhance their lips further. If you’re looking for fuller, plumper lips without surgery or injections, this  is the treatment for you!

Lip pigmentation can be performed with a variety of lip dyes, from semi-permanent organic vegetable dyes to micropigmentation permanent makeup. A cosmetic tattooist must be able to work effectively in both fields and switch from one technique to another depending on your needs.

Who can be a candidate for lip micropigmentation ?

Lip pigmentation is for those who:

– Would like to enhance the look and feel of their lips;

– Would like fuller looking lips;

– Are unhappy with the color or shape of your current lip makeup. This treatment can rejuvenate your lips and boost your confidence instantly!;

– Have thin lips (which may be due to ageing, sun damage, overzealous use of lipstick or ill fitting lip colours);

– Do not want surgery or injections;

– Want to improve the appearance of smoker’s lines around their mouth;  – Have uneven or irregular shaped lip contours. Lip Pigmentation will balance these areas out and give you a more symmetrical look;

– Have lost pigment in their lips over time.

What are the benefits of lip micropigmentation

Some benefits of Lip Micropigmentation include:

– A natural, fuller appearance that will make your lips look great;

– The treatment is long lasting and requires no touch ups;

– There is no down time, so you can go back to work or your normal routine immediately following the procedure;

– You will not experience any swelling or bruising after the treatment;

– Treatment is relatively painless. Most people report that it feels like a light scratch or prickling sensation. 

How does it work

Lip micropigmentation is a two-step process that first involves the application of a pigment dye to the lips. This will give you an idea of how your lips will look with the final result. The second step is the actual tattooing of the pigment onto your lips. The entire procedure usually takes around 2 hours to complete, but this will vary depending on the size and shape of your lips.

Benefits of lip micropigmentation

The pigment goes beneath the skin’s surface, so there are no layers of color to swell up or rub off. At most you may have very light staining on your lips for a few hours after treatment that will disappear completely with time.

Risks and side effects of lip micropigmentation 

Lip pigmentation is considered a safe procedure with minimal risks. However, there are some potential complications that you should be aware of before having the treatment performed. These include:

– The pigment around the edge of your lips may fade over time;

– If you have very fair or pale skin, it may appear as though your lips lack fullness after treatment;

– Pigment can move during sleep and come off on your pillowcase, so taking precautions such as sleeping in makeup or using oil based products around the area for several nights post treatment is recommended. 

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