Why ReactJS Is Ideal For SaaS Development In 2022

A majority of businesses have started using SaaS Development (Software as a Service) based models instead of traditional software licensing models. Now ReactJS is no need to make exorbitant payments for high priced models or one-time installations. You just have to pay a monthly subscription and download an advanced cloud based software and you are good to go!

Furthemore, the rapid adoption of cloud-based solutions has brought a new era of SaaS based softwares. This growing popularity of SAAS based model is equivalent to ReactJS. And that is why many companies are now looking to hire ReactJS app development companies for web applications and front end development services. 

So if you are thinking of building a SaaS application then ReactJS is the best choice for you. Here we will show you what ReactJS means and also explain the need for using ReactJS in enterprise app development.

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is an open source framework that was first built by Jordan Walke of Facebook. It is a famous Javascript library that is used by many popular brands like Airbnb, Netflix, Salesforce, Instagram, Skype,Pinterest, Reddit, BBC, etc. 

Furthemore, Reactjs is extremely popular amongst the developers as it lets them create engaging web apps with fewer coding. As per StackOverflow Developer Survey, RectJS has outshined jQuery as commonly used web framework. 

Apart from this, ReactJS directly interacts with virtual DOM which makes it a perfect choice for building engaging user interfaces. In addition to this, ReactJS offers faster updates that will dramatically boost overall performance. 

Remarkable ReactJS features to speed up your web app development

ReactJS is one of the widely used frameworks used by the global web developers. The reason behind such wide popularity of ReactJS is its exceptional features it offers to a ReactJS development company to boost its development speed like:

Single way data binding

React transports numerous values to the component’s renderer by using one-way data flow. This transfer has been carried out in the form of HTML tag properties.

Apart from this, it is not possible to directly change or update any property in ReactJS. So, if a developer wants to update or change any property then he can do so by delivering a callback.

JSX Syntax

ReactJS offers a great level of simplicity to users by availing them with JSX to create templates. The main benefit of JSX is that it employs HTML tag syntax for delivering subcomponents. Later on, these subcomponents get moved into JavaScript for a universal React framework.

Native Libraries

ReactJS enables web developers to access advanced native libraries to let them build robust mobile frameworks with Javascript. The alikeness between ReactJS and React Native ensures a smoother transition of an app from web to mobile.

That is why, building an MVP for SAAS apps with React Native is a great choice for the organizations to authenticate their app ideas.

Component based architecture 

User Interface of React several components that have their own set of logic. Furthermore, ReactJS enables developers to pass over the data within application without impacting DOM as the logic is written in Javascript rather than in templates.

Business Benefits Of Using ReactJS For Developing Enterprise Apps

React.JS is a popular JavaScript library for SAAS development. It is extremely helpful in creating engaging and interestingly reusable user interfaces. Apart from this, the capability of developing superfast web apps without the need for coding makes ReactJS the first choice of enterprise app developers.

Let’s dive into benefits of using ReactJS in enterprise app development:

Super-fast rendering for better performance


Carrying out multiple functions in minimal lag time is of utmost importance for SaaS apps. And faster rendering is something that can increase an app’s rendering speed. 

ReactJS offers speedy rendering by using a virtual DOM which logically tracks components that need re-rendering. After this, system will allocate resources by defining the app contents that require re-rendering on client side.

Reusable Codes

Writing codes right from the scratch is a common issue that is faced by developers at the time of starting a new project. However, with ReactJS’ code reusability feature, developers can easily conquer this problem.

In addition to this, ReactJS offers low size components that ReactJS development team can reuse efficient and comprehensive applications for business in minimal time.

Furthermore, the reusability of codes in ReactJS refrain the users from ‘Domino Effect’ that makes the SaaS app development smoother. In addition to this, usage of ReactJS in SaaS development is less expensive.

SEO Friendly

In today’s highly competitive world, SEO is crucial for any business to succeed in digital economy. Google rankings are capable of making or breaking a SaaS based application. And that is why it is equally important for SaaS application providers to build SEO friendly products. 

Nowadays, no one wants to wait for long. So, if your website takes too much time to load then it will adversely impact SEO rankings. This is where ReactJs comes into the picture.

Reactjs is able to boost an app’s performance by using distinct components that let the website to function without doing round trips to fetch HTML data. As a result, the response between the tabs becomes faster.

The SaaS apps built using Reactjs are pre-loaded in the background, so the users can fastly access web pages. After optimizing website loading speed, one can exclusively focus on important SEO features like headers, meta tags, and titles.

Concluding Lines

Every SaaS enterprise wants a fast-paced technological infrastructure and flexible framework that streamlines SaaS development lifecycle. When presented with a choice, ReactJS ensures better customer experience and higher returns.


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