Do mushrooms need to be humidified?

A new type of humidification equipment on the market is a misting system. The emergence of this system has mechanized mushroom cultivation, which has increased the output and quality of mushrooms.

Due to the relatively high nutritional value and health benefits of mushrooms, the planting area of mushrooms is expanding year by year. In the mushroom grow house cultivation process, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, and wind speed directly affect the yield and quality of mushrooms. Among them, the humidity in the mushroom shed plays a vital role in the growth of mycelium and the formation of fruiting bodies. If the water is insufficient, the growth of mycelium will be slow or even stop, and the fruit body will be dark and dull; Too high water will affect the growth of the mycelium, the fruit body is prone to red roots, rust spots, and other phenomena, and it is also easy to cause the occurrence of diseases and insect pests.

How it affect the cultivation of mushrooms:

Therefore, the cultivation of mushrooms requires high humidity. The typical indoor humidity cannot meet the requirements for the average growth of mushrooms, so it is necessary to humidify the mushrooms. The traditional method is manual watering, but manual watering has several disadvantages. First, the labor demand is great; second, the distribution of the watering area is uneven, resulting in different sizes of mushrooms. Mushrooms need water just like external plants to grow, and they need a lot of water. They need a lot of water during the growth stage of the fruit body because most of the fruit body is composed of water. Too dry, the mushrooms either do not grow at all or do not grow well or crack.


The misting systems can humidify according to the actual growth of mushrooms and keep the humidity within the required fixed range. The working principle of misting equipment is to use a high-pressure plunger pump that pressurizes the treated water, transmits it through the stainless steel pipe to the fog nozzles evenly distributed to spray a fine mist. The water mist exchanges heat and humidity with the flowing air, absorb the apparent heat in the air, and the water is evaporated, which increases the humidity of the air, realizes the humidification of the air, and achieves the purpose.


Features of the misting system:

  • High efficiency and energy saving: Misting 1 liter of water per hour only consumes 6W of power, one percent of traditional humidifiers, and one-tenth of air-water hybrid humidifiers.
  • 100kg/h-1200kg/h is the output flow of the high-pressure mist equipment.
  • Safety and sanitation: The water in the micro-mist system is non-circulating not to cause bacteria to multiply—no secondary pollution.
  •  The diameter of the mist particles is small, and when the system is operating, it can quickly absorb the heat and increase humidity.
  • Intelligent controller: This can set the interval time to misting according to your needs. Stop misting when the set humidity reaches and automatically misting when the humidity is lower than the set.

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