Get SAP Business One For Manufacturing to Improve Your Productivity

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We understand that as a manufacturer, you want to know about your business from the inside out. Notably, it became essential after the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure business continuity in the remote environment.

For this, you need to have an effective plan and strategy about resources, quick order processing, timeliness to get the job done, and transparency.

But, how can it be done?

To get all these factors at your fingertips, we know what you need for your business.

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system named SAP Business One is an excellent platform.

It helps you make better-informed decisions, supply chain, and manage your manufacturing company.

The SAP Business One or SAP B1 facilitates manufacturers’ more flexibility and functionality across all parameters. Furthermore, since you can also integrate specific add-on into your SAP Business One.

In addition, it will help you view information at any time you need in just one software.

SAP Business One for Manufacturing industry provides numerous benefits to manufacturers. But, first, let us see some struggles the manufacturing business faces.

Everyday Struggles in Manufacturing Industry

The reason manufacturing companies should have an ERP system like SAP Business One are some common issues. Be it a large, medium, or small manufacturer.  Hence, they find themselves struggling with the problems mentioned below:

  1. Manually tracking the data via spreadsheets
  2. Using outdated systems for operations and finances, which are slow
  3. Making errors while entering manufacturing orders manually
  4. Low key accounting system
  5. Manually tracking lot numbers 
  6. No integration between departments

SAP B1 eliminates all the issues mentioned above to establish better management within the organization. So, let us scroll down into the blog & read about the features this software offers.

The Key Features of SAP Business One

Here are the key features found in SAP Business One for manufacturers:

  • Resource Planning and Production:  This feature includes variation & mixed production like stock production, raw material, and more.
  • Project Management: Logistics information, cross-functional, and accounting reports give real-time updates.
  • Sales Management and Supply Chain: Orders, management, automated transactions are some features that provide transparency to your business.
  • APS: Manufacturers can manage the transaction, materials bills, order, batch, availability, and allocations.
  • Dashboards: SAP B1 allows you to create a dashboard that gives a flexible view of the company, accurate analyses, and reports.
  • Control Quality: Makes executive tests for quality assurance during production and procurement of materials.
  • Cost Estimation: Estimates for customers, prepare quotes, and calculate the profits of your company.
  • Warehouse Management: Seamlessly communicate, and get access to all documents & reports in a single software.

Benefits of using SAP Business One For Manufacturing Industry

When you have learned about prominent features of SAP B1, you surely want to know more about this software. As well as, how it will help to increase functionality throughout your organization. The  SAP B1 offers multiple methods for simplifying production, sales, assembly, and more.

For example, you can create all the bills-of-materials (BOM) and store them according to some parameters. These parameters include number, description, warehouse, and item composition with some steps. Now, record production comments, methods, quantities, pricing, quantities, and more for each product.

Although, it isn’t the only thing that SAP Business One does for your manufacturing company:

  1. Enhanced MRP

Make enhanced plans throughout the production and procurement process with SAP Business One. With ERP wizard, you can create scenarios easily by choosing the data sources, items, planning horizon, generating multiple outcomes, and saving ones to reuse them later.

Furthermore, it gives you end-to-end insight into the entire production process, with real-time reports.

2. Lot Traceability

SAP Business One for Manufacturing industry also optimizes stock. So, it ensure that item remains has a preferable amount, and the goods get stocked with time. Along with this, access product expiration & analyze functions with a feature that allows tracing components back to their source base.

3. Inventory Management

Is it getting hard to handle your stock and warehouse maintenance? SAP B1 has multiple functions for warehouse management and tracking.

Features like bin location tracking will help you maintain documents and track stock levels, pricing agreements, price lists, and warehouse transfers.

4. One software for all Information

One of the best things about SAP Business One is the dashboards that can be customized according to the business needs. You can gain access to dozens of analysis features to get a deeper understanding of what is happening within your company.

Hence, anyone within any department can get easy access to specific information and use it. In addition, SAP Business One thoroughly integrates and automates your business. For example, cost reporting done with SAP Business One can be visible to the administration, accounting, and HR teams. It also helps you improve the customer service experience and keep employees safer.

5. Maintain better Customer Relationships

Keeping your customers satisfied is necessary. SAP Business One helps you handle queries, invoices, and orders resulting in a better customer base. Moreover, you can also store customer data within the system that will help you build more trust among your customers.

Give SAP Business One For Manufacturing Industry a Try?

In the end, if you want to streamline your business process, then give SAP Business One a try.

For this, partner with Cinntra Infotech, a leading and trusted SAP solution provider company.

Cinntra Infotech provides the best solutions for manufacturers like yours. Thus, give us a call +91- 8882709959 or email us –  today to learn more.

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