The Best Method to Store Essential Oils

It was the first time I had begun to explore essential oils when it took place. I had an oil starter kit in which I originally stored the oil bottles; however, I had just begun to look for other oils that didn’t fit in the container. I snatched up the container in plastic and placed them all inside, and placed them on the top shelf of the bookshelf in my playroom/office so that they would be away from children’s reach.

The bookshelf then got hit by. Then they dropped off. It’s likely to have been okay, as the playroom has carpet; however, a bottle of Orange and another bottle of German Chamomile fell on the wooden chair of a toddler. It instantly broke. Now, the essential oil of Orange is just that, the color orange. But what is German Chamomile? Imagine squid ink-like and a dark deep blue. The carpet is also beige. And there is broken glass all over. It took me about a week of regular Rug Doctor Cleanings to get the stains off! The oils were moved around, and I promised to find the most efficient way to keep my essential oils in a safe place.

However, I did not. I transferred them up to the upper part of the fridge, protecting them from tiny hands and the light. I didn’t realize that the top part of the refrigerator is warm and gets all the heat from the rear part, which faces the wall, while the fridge is running. This is why I found a space within my china cabinet that worked for a short time. As my oil collection increased, I required an even larger container to store all of the oils, and my china cabinet soon became too small and also too.

Aroma Outfitters came to me and said, “Hey, we love your style and are impressed by your oily! Did you know about us before? I didn’t, as they’re a brand new small-scale business specializing in the storage of essential oils. I’m pretty sure that my face changed into my heart’s eyes as I browsed their website and then immediately started begging to be a part of their team.

Aroma Outfitters creates wooden containers that are the ideal method to store all your essential oils. They’re the ideal height for essential oils bottles, regardless of the brand you prefer. I bought the 87 bottle box with slanted slots to hold my roller bottles. There is also an inert which you can swap out so that the box can hold 100 bottles of oil! Are you just beginning to learn about essential oils? They’ve got you covered with smaller cases and various carrying cases.

For my oily novices, I have their top suggestions for proper essential oil storage. So that you don’t make the same mistakes that I made:

  1. You’ll want them to be in a place that is easily accessible and accessible, so they are easily accessible for your family members to utilize if they are hidden away and not in your mind—our article about why we store all our oil bottles in the Kitchen.
  2. Keep them away from damaging sunlight (and transparent plastic containers, if (and clear plastic tubs if …. to say :). Exposure to sunlight or extreme temperatures over time may alter the rate of evaporation, chemical composition, and the effectiveness of essential oils. You should avoid keeping your oils inside the car, close to windows, or near any source of heat for prolonged durations. If you are swimming during the summer season using my oil, I place these in the cooler alongside snacks.
  3. Label your oils (and we’ve even arranged them alphabetically in our container). So that, at a glance, you will be able to find the oil you’re trying to find.
  4. Travel with essential oils. This is why we created the bottle cases for roller bottles case, canvas cases, and even bags to carry the essential oil containers so that you can easily carry the cases with you. They are available whenever you require them.
  5. Keep your oils all in one place as much as is possible.

The holiday season is upon us, and if you’ve got an acquaintance or family member. Who is an expert on essential oils or just starting, this is the perfect present! The essential oil packaging boxes come in different sizes to suit your collection, but they also include stickers for areas on top of the oils, so you can easily recognize the oils. I can’t tell you how much simpler it is to open this container and know where the oil I’m searching for is in a huge unorganized, messy container.


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