How to Control Greenhouse Gas Emissions

While there is a lot of change required. It is achievable and will also bring about many other benefits, such as fewer air pollution emissions and a more stable employment market. The more we delay taking action to control greenhouse gas emissions, the situation will be worst. Therefore, it makes sense to act now before it is too late. Learn more about global warming essay here.

What are Greenhouse Gases?

As a result of the greenhouse effect, the following gases are released into the atmosphere:

  • Water Vapour
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Methane
  • Ozone

Measures of Control Greenhouse Gas Emissions:

Keep fossil fuels in the ground

If we want to avoid warming above 1.5 degrees, we must leave at least 80 percent of our fossil fuel deposits alone. I believe that the UK should cease granting any new permits to explore or extract fossil fuels whatsoever, including within the North Sea.

Switch to electric vehicles fast

During the lifetime of an electric car, they will cost the same or less than a petrol or diesel car which is not only cleaner but also cheaper over the long-term. A target has been set by the UK government to make all new cars, by 2030, low-carbon. Friends of the Earth launched a campaign against the legislation, which led to the government’s swift response.

Be energy-efficient citizens

Global energy consumption needs to be reduced by around 50% in order to save the environment. The government ought to provide grants to households to insulate their homes and to install eco-friendly electric heaters which generate low carbon emissions. The most efficient and cost-effective way to do this would be to develop an area-by-area program through your local authority.

Use renewables to power the world

Currently, wind and solar electricity make up approximately one-third of the energy used in the UK, even though we are leaders in the field. It is widely predicted that during the coming decade, electric vehicles and eco-heating take up a substantial amount of electricity to power transportation and heating. Almost ten wind turbines can be replaced every day with renewable energy if enough renewable energy is produced every year. Approximately one-third of the energy we use today can be produced with renewable energy.

Change in diets

Among the major reasons for deforestation and destruction of the environment is meat production, which produces extremely high emissions of greenhouse gases. We need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by half by 2030 by eating half as much meat as we do today. An increase in the number of forests worldwide would result from less, but better, meat production. Forests also remove carbon from the atmosphere, which is good for biodiversity.

Double the area of forests and restore habitats

In order to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, trees suck it up. It estimated that the Earth has a limited number of trees that can remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The area of forests and peatlands and wetlands, such as saltmarsh, doubled through restoring peatlands and wetlands. This would assist in addressing climate change and sustaining our environment.

Stop funding fossil fuels overseas

Historically, countries such as the UK and others that are wealthy have funded fossil fuel projects overseas. A G7 announcement in 2021 stated no coal projects funded, but did not state that gas no longer funded. Developed countries need to switch to renewable energy if they want to continue to enjoy high living standards. Furthermore, they should provide climate finance and compensate lower-income countries for the damage that climate change has caused. This referred to as Loss and Damage.

Create an equal world

Most of the resources available on the planet devoted to the 1 billion world’s richest people. We need to effectively share our resource allocation among all the 8 billion people on our planet if we are to guarantee the safety and wellbeing of each and every one of them.

The world will be a better place after all these changes implemented. Politicians, businesses, and investors will have to put more pressure on each other for these things to happen. As well as curbing the influence of fossil fuel companies and others opposed to action, we must also introduce new regulations.


Increasing the area of forestation helps in reducing the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. Because of their capacity to sequester carbon dioxide, forests have an important role to play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change. Agricultural reforestation restores livelihoods lost to loss of forest cover, contributing to improved food security.

Conservation of energy

It will reduce the use of fossil fuels if we switch to renewable energy sources like solar, wind, etc. As a result, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reduced and eventually balanced out. When you reduce wasteful and unnecessary energy use, you will reduce the amount of electricity your utility needs to produce, and you will be able to reduce your personal carbon footprint and decrease the number of greenhouse gases you produce. Coupling energy efficiency with other “green” practices can further increase the benefits of energy efficiency measures, which include direct financial benefits and environmental benefits.

Policy intervention

The government can maintain city air quality by introducing strict policies in order to keep the city at high standards. By regulating carbon emissions, governments can ensure that reducing CO2 emissions. It becomes an essential part of the law and everyone must comply. Examples of environment friendly govt policies mentioned in global warming essay. As part of the Government’s climate change goals, carbon budgets and carbon limits implemented. Emission trading schemes and carbon values measure climate change impacts in projects.


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