After a few years of using the same old massive chassis The Dell XPS 15 finally has the look of a fresh new model. It’s the same design as the one that the XPS 13 got earlier this year with the same limitations that apply. Here’s a list of the changes Dell have made might appear small but they add to create a computer that appears and appears to be upgraded.

The XPS 15’s basic model is priced at $1,299 and comes with the Core i5-10300H processor, 8GB of RAM as well as a 256GB SSD, Intel HD graphics, and a 1200 x 1920 display. This model is ideally designed for people who want to browse. If you’re looking for computing power, you’ll need to go for an i7 model.

At present, you can take the XPS out with a Core i7-10875 Processor, 64GB RAM, a 3840x 2400 touchscreen, and a two-TB SSD for just $2,988. Dell promises I9-based options in the near future, but I’d recommend them for the majority of consumers in the end. It’s not just that they’ll be more expensive, I’m having difficulty believing that something so thin could benefit from such powerful processors without burning itself out.

Excellent 16:10 display

  • New bezel-free chassis design
  • Excellent keyboard and touchpad
  • Reader for SD cards in Full Size


  1. Battery life below the average
  2. Loud fans when the load is high
  3. Runs hot
  4. Unpleasant bloatware that slows down performance

I tested a mid-range model that is currently priced at $2,253. It includes a Core Intel i7-10875H 16GB RAM (DDR4) as well as the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Ti with a touchscreen, and an SSD of 512GB. I’d say that this is an ideal option for the majority of users, but you must consider your storage requirements. If you’ll be able to fill 512GB fast it’s worth the 100 extra for a Terabyte.

dell latitude e7440 core i7 price in india. In terms of the visible changes, bezels are one of the most obvious. The latest XPS is equipped with Dell’s latest 4-sided Infinity Edge display with bezels which are very thin. It really appears to stretch from end to end. The experience is as if you’re watching an OLED television. Dell states that it has a screen that is five percent bigger than the previous model, and has a 92.9 percent ratio of body-to-screen.

The ports and details for the Dell XPS 15 laptop sitting on a table.

The latest XPS 15 has three USB-C ports, as well as the SD card reader audio jack, as well as an option for locking. It’s no longer USB-A, but it does come with the dongle.

The last XPS 15 sported a chunky bottom bezel that featured a huge Dell logo. That’s gone. The absence of it does not only result in a more luxurious appearance (I always had massive 2015 Inspiron impressions from the previous bezel) However, it will also give you a larger screen option to work with.

Welcome to the aspect ratio 16:10 which is a welcome addition on the XPS 15. dell v3558, The touchscreen, which is made from Corning Gorilla Glass 6, is 3840 x 2400 resolution, which is among the most impressive resolutions you can find on laptops used by consumers. 

It’s an entire world better than 16:9. I can comfortably open several different applications and windows without needing to zoom in and out and pile up hundreds of Chrome or Edge tabs without becoming too congested.

There’s no OLED option available for this season, so it’s smart. It was a battery drain and is difficult to justify for ordinary users. However, this display is an impressive display. I measured it at 426 nits. 

However, even in low settings and bright lighting it was nearly free of visible glare. The colors were accurate and very bright. (The display covers 100% of the Adobe RGB gamut.) It’s a pleasure to utilize, and I’m anxious about returning to a laptop equipped with an 16:9 screen.

Dell XPS 15 (2020) from the side

It comes with carbon-fiber palm rests and metal sides.

It’s not just about the screen; Dell has refined the other components of the chassis, too. The carbon-fiber palm rests, as well as the aluminum lids that are standard on the XPS series. (I enjoy the carbon fiber texture but it’s not for everyone and takes some time to adjust to.) 

However, the bottom plate made of metal is now covering the corners and edges that were covered in black carbon fiber prior to. The big, prominent hinge for display is now replaced by an aesthetically pleasing, smaller hinge which is completely hidden.

Information about the ports for the Dell XPS 15 laptop sitting on a table.

The latest XPS 15 is just 0.7 inches thick and is 5.5 percent thinner than the model that was released last year.

At 4.5 kilograms in weight and 13.6 inches x 9.1 inches 0.7 inches, the latest XPS 15 has the same weight of the model from last year but with a smaller chassis. (It’s 5.5 percent smaller in fact.) It’s also smaller (but larger) that the larger 16-inch MacBook Pro (4.3 pounds, 14.2 x 9.8 x 0.8 inches) and is smaller and lighter in comparison to its predecessor the Razer Blade 15 (5 pounds 14, 14 9.3 x 9.3 inches x 0.8 inches).

Dell has also put speakers on the sides the keyboard. (There are two speakers in on the back of the keyboard.) The XPS comes using an Waves MaxxAudio Pro driver where you can activate 3D audio and switch between different settings. Music was good as did it was clear that the 3D option made for a significant change.


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