Outlook Emails Are Not Opening? – Resolve Now

Like any other technology, MS Outlook users face issues now and then. Sometimes they are unable to receive or send messages, in other times, users complain that Outlook emails are not opening. Such problems arise often because you have encountered some errors or bugs that need to be fixed.

There can be several reasons why you encounter these errors. This may happen because the Outlook data files are damaged or the Outlook profile has become corrupt. Another reason can be that you have not downloaded and installed the latest update. This can also happen because Outlook has allocated its resources to other time-consuming processes. You may be facing this issue because previously added add-ins are hampering your work.

Sometimes, Outlook starts downloading external files in emails like images. If you do not disable this feature in the settings, you may face errors while opening Outlook emails. Maybe the size of the folder is too large for Outlook to manage comfortably and hence is showing an error. Your antivirus may be outdated or is conflicting with Outlook.

There can be several other reasons why you are unable to access your emails. We have mentioned all possible solutions to help you resolve them.

User Query: “Hi! I am using Outlook for a long time now but suddenly, I am not able to open my emails. It is sometimes gets stuck or freezes. How do I fix this because it is urgent to read my emails.”

Outlook Emails Are Not Opening? Resolve Now

  1. Check your Internet Connection: Make sure that you are connected to the internet. If you are facing problems with that, try troubleshooting it.
  2. Check Working Offline Option: Ensure that you have selected this feature which offers the facility to access the emails that you have saved. Look at the bottom of the screen, if it says “Working Offline” or “Disconnected”, Outlook is not connected to the internet. Select Send/Receive from the top and select Work Offline to reconnect.
  3. Check for Updates: Working with outdated updates can affect the working of your Outlook program. You must be sure that you are working with the latest Windows update.
  4. Verify Mail Server Settings: You must check if your mail server settings changed accidentally. Go to File > Account Settings > Account Settings. Select your email, choose “Change” again, and verify all your settings.
  5. Check Windows Settings: You should check date & time, country, or region, ensure that the Mail app can access ‘My Calendar’.
  6. Data Files Corruption: This is yet another common scenario where your Outlook data files (pst) get damaged. You can use scanpst.exe for minor corruption or choose the software to repair PST file for major corruption.

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Last Words

In this article, we discussed how to deal with if your Outlook emails are not opening. This article discusses the causes why your emails are not responding well and the solutions. Users must follow the steps mentioned here to be able to recover their files well. By performing these steps, you will be able to open your emails easily.

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