Things You Could Be Doing To Invite Termites

As a mortgage holder, your property is perhaps your greatest investment. Nonetheless, a termite intrusion can rapidly and unobtrusively annihilate your home’s esteem. Forestalling termite harm starts with learning about termites, what they eat, and key indications of an infestation. Here are a few things you could be doing that are drawing in termites.

What draws termites to your home?

Termites often make their homes and set up colonies around food sources. They like to eat on moist or spoiling wood, they pick high dampness regions where rotting wood is efficiently available. Regardless of whether the wood is inside your home or on your property, and if it is not kept properly, it is inclined to a termite infestation. Hence, damp regions in your home like a cellar or crawlspace could draw in termites.

Moisture isn’t good for your home’s structure, so pest control specialists prescribe waterproofing your cellar or unfinished plumbing space to keep harm to your home from drawing in pests. In fact, when you will contact a termite pest inspection the first thing they will ask is about moisture control of your place.

6 Things That Will Attract Termites to Your Home

Stacking Wood around the Property

You don’t have to be a specialist on termites to realize that they love biting on wood. Unfortunately, many property holders decide to leave heaps of wood close to their home so it’s simple to get when required. Tragically, the woodpile is what attracts them, inviting them to visit your home.

To decrease your danger of pests, it’s a smart thought to get wood at least 20 feet far from any buildings. You can likewise think about utilizing substantial pieces or metal stands to construct a barrier between the wood, and your home.

Permitting Moisture to Build Up

Pests love specific conditions. Frequently, termites incline toward places that are warm, dim, and sodden. That implies if you need to keep away from them, you want to ensure that there is no leakage or moisture around your establishment. Take action to direct water away from your property with drains, downspouts, etc.

Simultaneously, make sure to remain cautious with regard to home fix arrangements. Address issues with water pipes, spilling fixtures and cooling as fast as could really be expected.

Alternative: If you live in a location where the weather is dampened, then using these tricks might not help you. So instead, you can contact the professional for inspecting your place from time to time. Search online for“affordable termites pest control near me” or “residential termites Inspections brisbane” if you are a residence of Brisbane, to find an agency near you.

Spreading Too Much Mulch

Mulch is another thing termites love to devour. Mulch assists with mixing the dirt with extra supplements, and guarantee that it doesn’t lose dampness which is the reason it’s utilized so often in gardens. Surprisingly, just as mulch helps flourish your yard, it additionally upholds the existence of termites, as well.

The most ideal method for controlling termite infestations is to ensure that mulch is far away from the establishment of your home and inspect the substance for any indications of termite action. You can likewise consider eliminating mulch and supplanting it with another option.

Permitting Gutters to Become Clogged

Fixing clogged drains probably won’t be a desirable task, yet it’s fundamental to shield your home from termites. When you neglect to clear out your drains routinely, leaves and debris can develop and accumulate dampness. These clogged regions offer the ideal dull, soggy regions for termites to settle.

Take some time apart to maintain your drain properly, and expand your downspouts appropriately so that water doesn’t get clogged around the establishment of your property.

Neglecting to Maintain Your Landscape

More often than not, termites aren’t drawn to decayed wood. Rather, they live in the trees and bushes around your property. Any shrubberies or trees that brush against the home’s sides or roof can give the termites speedy admittance to your property. Moreover, shrubs and overgrown tree branches can block sunlight, permitting dampness to develop by forestalling evaporation.

Attempt to keep the substantial development of bushes, trees, and plants around your property limited if you want to lessen the danger of a termite infestation.

Letting Humidity to Build Up

Essentially to standing water, termites partake in a wide range of dampness inside your home. That is the reason it’s so vital to ensure that your property is all around ventilated. Moistness can sit on the wooden surfaces around your property and keep it sodden, which will draw in termites.

If you live in a damp or blistering environment, you ought to consider putting resources into an excellent dehumidifying framework to lessen the presence of dampness around your home. This will assist with forestalling termite infestations, as well as ants, cockroaches, and many other types of pest issues.

Pro tip: If you suspect, termites have already entered your home, make sure to book an inspection today. Lucky for you, if you live in Brisbane, you can get a free inspection today as there are many agencies that offer such free services. For that, browse for “termites Inspections specialist brisbane” or “termites inspection in Brisbane and surrounds” and book an inspection today.


What attracts termites in the house?

Termites will obviously enter your home to feast on wood but they are also drawn in by moisture.

What is the most effective termite control?

The most effective termite control treatment is heat therapy.

What smell do termites hate?

Termites hate smells of geranium, cedarwood, and tea tree oil.

What do termites hate the most?

Termite despises sunlight and heat.

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