Advanced Hip Replacement Surgery in India at Low Cost

An ailing hip can be a big hurdle in your daily life activities. If not impossible, it can certainly make doing things difficult for you. If you suffer from stiffness or hip pain restricting you from performing daily activities, you may need hip replacement surgery. The surgery will help you relieve your painful symptoms while increasing your mobility and ability to function. If you are looking for a low hip replacement surgery cost in India, it is important to do deep research. You can find many hospitals in India offering world-class treatment without breaking the bank. In this article, we will read about different aspects that make India the best destination for low-cost Hip Replacement Surgery.

What is Advanced Hip Replacement Surgery?

Advanced Hip replacement is a surgical procedure in which an implant replaces the diseased part of the hip. This methodology, also known as hip arthroplasty, helps patients who have hip arthritis or a hip injury.

Before advising surgery, your doctor will look at all the possible non-surgical options, such as physical therapy and pain relievers. Your doctor will only consider surgery if you are no longer responding effectively to traditional therapies. Hip replacement surgery is basically intended to soothe pain and restore function.

Why Do Patients Prefer India for Advanced Hip Replacement Surgery?

India’s healthcare infrastructure is a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art hospitals, experienced surgeons, and most importantly, low-cost treatment. The doctors in India offer expertise for hip replacement techniques that are constantly evolving. Experienced surgeons thoroughly examine patients’ anatomy and make a thorough diagnosis. Based on the outputs, they provide proper counseling to patients and recommend the best procedure for them. As one of the biggest medical hubs, India houses many surgeons who are well acquainted with all hip replacement procedures, including 

  • Minimal Invasive Replacement Surgery
  • Hip resurfacing
  • Partial Hip Replacement
  • Total Hip Replacement and more. 
  • Revision hip replacement surgery

The hip replacement cost in India varies depending on the surgical approach, implant material, surgeon experience, stay in hospital, and few more factors. Many surgeons in Indian hospitals also have a proven track record of completing all the procedures mentioned above with the utmost precision.

Hip Replacement Surgery in India

India is a thriving medical tourism destination. Thousands of patients visit the country each year to take advantage of the excellent treatments provided by the leading industry experts. 

World-class Surgeons

India has many specialists who use their wealth of experience to provide the highest quality surgery. The surgeons use innovative techniques to achieve finesse and precision at every step of the treatment. Today, you can find many hospitals in India offering world-class programs and modules to train junior specialists.

Cutting-Edge Infrastructure 

India has invested in advanced equipment and access to cutting-edge technology for greater safety and precision. That is the reason why the country’s medical tourism is thriving. Many patients prefer traveling to India for treatment due to the advanced technology available in a few top-tier clinics. 

Inexpensive Treatment

The hip replacement cost in India is far less than what other countries offer. It starts from INR 409,000 and can be more or less depending upon the hospital. Despite being an inexpensive treatment, it has a success rate of around 90-95%.

Major Tourist Attraction

With plenty of sightseeing destinations and a culture worth exploring, travelling to India is on the bucket list of patients all over the world. Medical tourism enables patients to receive the treatment they require while enjoying a wonderful vacation.

Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in India

Now, let’s get to the important part: the hip replacement cost in India. Before explaining the cost, you should be aware that the cost can vary depending on the circumstances. Several medical institutions charge slightly more than others. A fluctuation may also appear city-wide, depending on the patient’s diagnosis and condition. Costs may also differ depending on the type of implant used. Therefore, a patient should consider all these things while analyzing the overall cost. When comparing a hip replacement surgery cost in India to other countries, we can see a significant difference. 

Let’s have a look at the Hip replacement cost in India.

  • The cost of Single Hip Replacement Surgery in India starts from INR 297,000
  • Bilateral Hip Replacement Surgery cost starts from INR 520,000
  • Total Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in India starts from INR 409,000

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