Ready For A New Ipad Air 10.9 Case (4th Gen) 2020? Here’s Why This Is Our #1 Pick

If you’re in the market for a new Ipad Air 10.9 Case (4th Gen) 2020, you’re in luck! We’ve scoured the internet and found the best case for your 2020 iPad Air 10.9. This case offers you both functionality and protection — two important aspects of an iPad case.

You can enjoy features like an adjustable stand, magnetic mounting capability, and airflow vents to prevent your device from overheating. Keep reading to find out why we chose this case as our favorite and what made it our #1 choice.

8-Angle Adjustable Magnetic Stand

The adjustable stand on this case has eight possible angles, which offers you many more options than standard iPad cases. The legs are optimally designed to able to withstand the weight of the device for hours at a time. So you can comfortably use your propped device for as long as needed. Because the legs of the stand are magnetized, you can also benefit from a firmer, less shaky hold while the stand is up.

Small bumpers at the end of the legs, in addition to the magnetization, help the stand remain sturdy and prevent it from slipping out of place.

Rugged TPU + PC Shell For Drop Protection

This case’s shell is made from both polycarbonate and thermoplastic, two of the world’s most reliable hard plastic materials. The shell is expertly crafted to ensure that your device is protected from various degrees of damage. Bumpers line the edge of the case and are included in the design to absorb shock during impact. The bumpers ensure that the shockwaves from falls and drops don’t radiate across the device and cause cracks or dents to the device’s body or screen.

To test the durability of this case, it has undergone drop testing (from a height of at least five feet). These tests are conducted repeatedly, with each side of the case being tested, to ensure that the encased device is secure. Having passed these drop tests, the case is certified as having military-grade drop protection — the highest level possible.

Magnetic Mount Capability 

Being able to use your device hands-free is an amazing function. With this iPad Air 10.9 case, you have two options for hands-free use: the adjustable stand and the magnetic mounting capability. Due to strong magnets in the back of the case, the device can be mounted to any flat metal surface.

This feature is especially beneficial in areas of the house such as the kitchen (where a stainless steel fridge is the perfect mounting surface), or other spaces like offices and classrooms. The strength of the magnets makes the mount secure enough to allow the device to remain in place without any slipping or sliding.

Airflow Vents For Device Cooling

You should be on the lookout for device cooling features, regardless of the type of case that you need. Overheating can be a big problem with larger devices such as an iPad due to the heat generated. While the device is in use. Cases often trap hot air close to the case. Which can lead to the device’s internal temperature rising to dangerous levels. A device that regularly overheats can develop permanent issues that require the device to fixed or, eventually, replaced.


To help prevent overheating, this device has airflow vents cut into its sides. These vents are small and don’t affect the overall look of the case. Because of the inclusion of these vents, you can use your device for hours without any fear of overheating.

Protective Magnetic Cover With Sleep/Wake Activation

The automatic sleep/wake feature is useful for conserving device battery, but can only be activated by certain iPad case covers. The cover on this case is specially magnetized to allow users to quickly and easily activate this feature with just a flip of the cover. Closing the cover places the device into a low-power mode that darkens the screen for battery preservation. When the cover is opened. The device returns to its normal power level automatically with no need for the user to manually waken the device.

This cover serves as great protection for the screen by creating a barrier that helps keep the screen free from scratches and cracks. The cover is making from the same durable materials. As the case and is designing to be thick enough to resist both impacts and punctures from sharp objects.

Apple Pencil Pocket With Wireless Charging Compatibility

Have an Apple Pencil and don’t want to purchase standalone storage? There is a storage pocket located on the back of this case that snugly holds the Apple Pencil in place. This storage pocket is made from high-quality elastic material and is conveniently located for easy access. Because of the quality of the elastic material. You won’t have to worry about the pocket losing its efficacy over time. Even with regular use. You can be sure that the pocket will remain tight enough to securely store the Apple Pencil.

And, if you have a later generation pencil Ipad Pro 12.9 case, you can charge your accessory from within the storage pocket. Once the pencil is connected to the device. You can simply put your device to charge. The pencil will charge automatically.

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