How To Prepare For Class 12 Boards Exam

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Physics is a difficult topic for the majority of students in Class 12. This is owing to the extensive syllabus and derivations found in both portions of the NCERT class 12 Physics textbook.

However, if students plan ahead of time and pay close attention from the outset of class, they will quickly grasp the material and develop an interest in it. They require a well-organized and structured study schedule.

Here we have shared CBSE Class 12 Physics Board Exam preparation recommendations that will assist students in creating a solid study strategy for themselves. But, before we get into the recommendations, here are some key factors to remember while studying for the physics board test.

Points to Keep in Mind While Studying Physics in Class 12
The NCERT textbook, which covers the whole class 12 Physics subject, is strictly followed in the Physics board exam.

As a result, students are advised to study the NCERT Class 12 Physics book.
Important formulas should be at the students’ fingertips so that they can swiftly answer numerical inquiries.

Students should practise each derivation at least three times so that they don’t waste time on the exam.

A drawing question, either of a graph or a device, is required on the Physics Paper. To get full marks on this question, students should focus on the important characteristics of the diagram.

Tips for CBSE Class 12 Physics Exams in 2020-2021

Here are some preparation suggestions for class 12 Physics that can assist students in properly preparing for the board test. How To Prepare For Class 12 Boards Exam

1) Understand the importance of each physics unit.

In addition, students must be familiar with the exam and the CBSE Class 12 Physics Syllabus. This will give students a sense of question paper trends and assist them in keeping track of how much of the syllabus they have covered.

2). Make a list of what you want to remember for each chapter.

While studying, students should develop the practise of taking their own notes. They will write study notes for each chapter in this manner, which will aid them throughout the exam. Students will be able to retain Physics principles simply by looking at it.

3). Topic Wise Strategy

Students who struggle with math and solving numerical issues should focus on theoretical chapters such as Communication, Electromagnetic waves, Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter, Atom, Nuclei, and Wave Optics.

These chapters are entirely theoretical, and students can earn higher grades in this section.

As a result, while studying, concentrate on these chapters. They can also concentrate on devices such as galvanometers, cyclotrons, potentiometers, transformers, metre bridges, and AC generators because theory is covered.

4). Design A Proper Study Plan

Students should plan a daily study schedule in which they devote at least one hour to the Physics subject. How To Prepare For Class 12 Boards Exam

Students should spend some time planning their schedules analysing their past preparation and identifying the topics in which they are weak and strong.

This will assist students in prioritising their board test preparation. They must stick to the study timetable, which should be time-bound.

This will put positive pressure on students and encourage them to complete work more efficiently.

5). Preparation Strategy Few Months Ago

There are two primary factors that aid students in last-minute Physics preparation when they only have 1 or 2 months before the exam. Revision and self-evaluation of preparation level are two of them.

a) Revision: The most significant aspect of physics is revision, as students must cope with a large number of formulas and derivations in each unit.

It is preferable to rewrite a chapter after it has been completed before moving on to the following chapter.

Because the themes are interconnected, this will aid in establishing a solid foundation in the subject. During revision, students should go over the curriculum again to ensure that no topics have been missed.

b) Self-Evaluation: Solving various types of Physics class 12 sample papers and question papers is the greatest technique to assess your exam preparation level.

Allow adequate time for self-evaluation after attempting a single paper. Students must review their answer sheet and determine where they made errors and how they may improve.

Improve your overall performance in the class 12 Physic board exams by focusing on those topics. If pupils have any doubts, they should seek clarification from their teacher.

6). Practise

The old adage “Practice makes perfect” holds true for pupils as well. The more pupils practise, the better their chances of getting good grades. Students should ensure that they have solved at least six to seven Physics class 12 papers from previous years.

This will give you a better idea of the exam format and the types of questions that will be asked on the Physics paper.

During the exam, students must use the time allotted for reading the question paper to plan out the order in which they will answer the questions.

How To Prepare For Class 12 Boards Exam

It is recommended that students begin with the five-point questions.

We hope that this material on “CBSE Class 12 Physics Preparation Tips” was helpful in preparing students for their exams.

Continue to study and check back for more information on CBSE and other competitive exams.

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