Exercises and Treatments to Manage the Side-Effects of Hormone Therapy for Men With Prostate Cancer

A recent study on the effects of hormone therapy for men with metastatic prostate cancer revealed that treatment breaks can shorten patients’ lives. Although early studies showed a reduction in side-effects and effectiveness by using periodic ADT, doctors may now have to recommend continuous ATD due to these findings – an important reminder about patient care!

In a decade-long study that tracked almost 1,500 men with hormone sensitive cancers, researchers discovered that patients who underwent continuous ADT for minimal cancer spread lived two years longer in contrast to those who received periodic therapy.

Those who were given intermittent therapy lived an average of five years, but the researchers still recommend against giving testosterone breaks until further study.

Despite the fact that continuous ADT is currently considered to be preferable to interrupted therapy, it nevertheless has a number of drawbacks. Low testosterone causes hot flashes and night sweats; fatigue can reduce the quality of life for those who experience this during their treatments as well!– “Low estrogen levels may lead them into depression” – Some people.

Some of the therapies and exercises that can be used in addition to continuous hormone deprivation therapy are listed below:


A recent study published in the International Journal of Clinical Medicine has shown that acupuncture is a safe and effective form treatment for men undergoing ADT. Men who were given this therapy experienced less hot flashes, an improvement on their condition so it’s no surprise that there was also reduced severity too! Furthermore we can now safely administer higher testosterone doses without worrying about increasing prostate cancer risks thanks to these findings.


Studies have shown that resistance training improves the body composition and quality of life for patients undergoing ADT. Weight-training exercises, such as chest presses or leg squats scheduled two to four times per week over a period 12 weeks can help improve fatigue levels while also increasing muscular fitness in addition to bone density without affecting serum testosterone levels.

Men are at high risk for osteoporosis, so it is important they take care of their health. Hormone deprivation treatment can be very detrimental and cause even more problems than expected; as such things like tai chi .

It help with balance training- if this patient has any falls or fractures due to low muscle mass/bone density; then you will know why these exercises may assist greatly!

Swimming also builds both muscle AND bone over time through repetitive motion (aerobic) exercise while cycling.

Similarly helps increase both size along with stability by increasing fatigue resistant proteins within the body’s muscles themselves.

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