7 Essential Commercial Real Estate Video Marketing Tips You Need to Know

Video plays a huge role in the effectiveness of a commercial real estate marketing strategy. Many companies now embrace video marketing as a powerful tool to sell properties fast as it helps engage directly with various prospects.

It also allows potential buyers to visualize everything they need to see in their future property without visiting it physically.

Real estate professionals can easily promote their commercial listings through cinematic video walkthroughs, impressive virtual tours, or even spectacular drone shots to entice prospects to buy a property. With strategic and thorough planning, you can take advantage of video marketing for commercial real estate. So, let’s dive deeper on how you can successfully use video marketing to promote your properties and boost your sales.

Use the right equipment

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For high-definition commercial real estate videos, you need a DSLR camera. You can opt to use smartphones or videography apps online, however, the quality won’t be as high as a professional camera. If there is one thing you need to invest in as a real estate agent, then that would be a DSLR camera. More so, you would need real estate video software to help you create impressive videos for your listings. In case you want to hire a professional on this, you can reach out to a reliable real estate video company to make stunning videos for you.

Do video promotion

Make sure to have a clear plan as to where you will promote your video once it is done. Think of the different digital content platforms, such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, where you can upload your videos. This is to ensure that your video is optimized well and can reach the right target audience. With video promotion, you are able to advertise your listings in a wider audience and have a greater chance of getting the right target buyers.

Create curiosity

Commercial real estate videos are made to tease the best features of a property. Never try to say everything about the listing in one short video. Create curiosity and let your audience reach out to you to know more about the property. Try to be more creative and let your audience get entertained with what they are watching, so they can share it with others. After all, creativity always works and it is never a waste of time.

Think about your audience

Think about your audience

Your target audience depends on what type of commercial real estate properties you are selling. Each property has different types of prospective buyers, thus, make it a point to know which audience you would like to appeal to. Moreover, the way a video is created determines its suitability to every kind of potential buyer. You need to shoot a fast and straightforward video for small offices to stand out from the rest. And if you are marketing a larger, high-value commercial property, then this should be longer as you need more shots in each area.

Curate a script, but don’t just stick to it

Curate a script, but don’t just stick to it

It is also equally important to have a script for your videos to send a clear message to your audience. Nonetheless, don’t just stick to it and memorize each line. You have to explain things naturally in your own words when recording it. Also, show off your personality on the video in order to build trust from your viewers as well as gain credibility.

Add GIFs to grab viewers’ attention

Add GIFs to grab viewers’ attention

By including nice and relevant thumbnails on your videos, you can easily make a good impression on your prospects. This is the first thing that your audience will see before they try to watch your video, so better impress them. To level it up, you can also turn your thumbnail into an animated GIF. Apparently, videos that have GIF thumbnails earn more clicks and views. Hence, this can be another killer advantage on your part.

Include neighborhood reviews

One of the greatest deciding factors in most property deals is the neighborhood. It is going to be a deal breaker even if you love the commercial space itself. If you are going to do a video review of the neighborh

Include neighborhood reviews

ood, you should address every possible question of a prospect about the property’s surroundings. This will definitely create a huge impact on sealing a deal, so do your best to make it as convincing as possible.

When video commercial real estate marketing is implemented effectively, you can gain a positive impact on your business. Executing this strategy is generally cost-effective, so you won’t really need to spend a lot of money on doing so. Nevertheless, you get to provide professional-quality visuals that can help you generate more leads and profit in the long run. Simply follow these useful tips specified above to succeed on your commercial real estate marketing strategy.

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