How to choose the best cloud service, provider

How to choose the best cloud service, provider



Are you worried about choosing the best cloud framework? Looking for a devoted cloud service provider. Then your answer to these questions is following below.


We netlogix, an it support companies in dubai  offering our exclusive services to our customers for many years. We listen to our customers and provide all solutions to their problems. In this article, we will provide you with information about choosing a qualified cloud service provider that suits your IT structure.



Cloud Service Provider:


It is an infrastructure offered by a third party—offering you cloud based platform, database and IT framework to their clients. It is a cost-saving option for many small and big businesses. Cloud service provider gives many options to their clients as they pay for their monthly usage.


There are 3 different types of clouds:


●      Public Cloud

It is the most commonly used cloud computing. Not only is it cost-effective, but it is also reliable for many of us. As cloud manager itself takes care to maintain the cloud, and it offers adaptability for every business. These includes applications, storage database and communication systems.




●      Private Cloud

It is considered more like a personal cloud that many service providers offer. It also includes customization for your IT requirements. Many medium-sized businesses mostly go for private clouds infrastructures.


●     Hybrid Cloud

This option is more flexible as it benefits many users to have an on-site private cloud and public cloud, making it easier for them to transmit data. Hybrid clouds are more cost-effective than private cloud solutions as it depends upon the company’s IT infrastructure, which they want to interlink. It allows many companies to control their infrastructures while having security and using the public cloud as well.


Choosing which cloud strategy suits your company depends upon your company’s needs and investments. Choosing public cloud solutions with guarantee services can help you to maintain and manage your business management.


Netlogix is an IT service provider that offers you cost-friendly cloud services with reasonable budgets. Whether you are looking for data storage or hosted utility, we can cover everything you are looking for.


How to choose the best cloud IT service provider?


If you are worried that do you need a cloud service provider or not. Or will it be suitable for your business or not? Then we  Netlogix are here for you. We are providing you with the best it solution in dubai. Following are some tips which will help you to choose the right option for yourself.



❖    Server purchase:


Many companies and businesses working with loads of data need to buy their servers, which cost more.

It includes separate air conditioners and internet connections to run these servers. These servers cost a lot, but these are your long-term purchase. If you plan to invest in your business where you deal with tons of data daily, then purchasing a server is never a loss.


  • Asking for Cloud Service Provider:

Purchasing a server for your business is not everyone’s deal. For many businesses hiring a cloud service provider is a more economical and safe decision to make. Which is not only safe from significant investments, but they also offer you the best plans to pay for only what service or storage you used. Today hiring a cloud service provider helps your employees to work remotely and securely.


  • Suggestions to choose a service provider:


Today competition is increasing in every market. Choosing the right option for your business is a difficult task to do. Following are some tips to know if they are capable service provider or not.


  • Misleading contracts:


Be careful to those service providers who dash to sign a contract that you cannot fully understand. Always seek those who are there to help you to understand the contract and plans they will follow.

A legitimate service provider will always make sure that you are fully knowledgeable about the terms and conditions. I will never push you to make a long-term agreement with them.



❖    Make sure what is assured:


Another thing to make sure is to check what they are guaranteed in the contract. You should always know when to back out of the contract when the provider is not fulfilling their consents. It is preferred to be clear about your requirements and expectations so that they can give their best to suit your company’s needs.


❖    Customer relationship:


When you are looking for a service provider, it is advisable to choose those with the best client relationship ratio. Make sure that they do regular meetings to check if anything is not working as per your expectations. They should pay attention to your concerns and assessments.


Either you decide to hire a cloud service provider or purchase your cloud server. Make sure to do initial research to make it easier for you to decide which service provider is your top priority.

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