Role Of Mobile Applications In Online Marketing

The demand for smartphones has been on the surge. People are aware of the fact that we have moved into the age of smartphones. We are surrounded by mobile applications that we consider as part of our lives.

A recent survey carried by yahoo suggested that 90% of the mobile usage of people comes from apps. Perhaps, the number of active mobile users is about to cross 3.8 billion.

People have switched from traditional shopping to virtual purchasing of goods and services. So how can you assume to keep the use of mobile apps separate from your business growth when the globe revolves around it?

With access to remote users to local consumers, mobile apps play a vital role in grabbing customers for your business. However, companies operating in the age of digital marketing should have knowledge of apps and their role in marketing.

How does mobile application marketing work?

This is a simple procedure in the world of online marketing. App marketing starts when a prospect user hears about your app to the journey when they become a regular user.

Sequence of stages

Let’s look into the sequence of stages, also known as a funnel through which understanding mobile app usage can be simplified:


The initial step in a user’s encounter with your app is acquisition. How do you persuade users to download and install your app in the first place?


The next step is activation. The precise definition of “user activation” varies with each app, but in general, it refers to a user’s first activities, such as entering their email address or making their first purchase.


Retention is all about making your app a regular destination for your users.

Implementing digital marketing

Digital marketing is a road to your online selling of goods and services. By planning a good strategy, your business can make room in the market to attain desirable targets and customer attention.

Many digital experts have suggested implementing the use of mobile applications in the marketing of the business. The idea is to boost the growth of the business while raising exposure to global work.

Let’s discuss the factors regarding mobile apps that can help to contribute towards marketing.

Gathering customer data

Apps are a good means of collecting data of your current and potential customers. This can be done through different app tools. This tactic can help the marketing analysts to have a deep knowledge of their users.

Perhaps, they can use the data to modify the app in the future to make it user-friendly. Additionally, data can prove to help assess the needs of the customers. So the organization can use it to make their performance better.

Global expansion

One effective use of implementing mobile apps is that it makes a bridge to the remote world. Businesses get the opportunity to connect with users that are out of reach, instead of being confined to reaching you online.

A mobile app will allow you to expand globally and connect to customers all over the globe. There is a significant increase in accessibility, which would be difficult otherwise.

Who doesn’t wish to have global recognition for their product or service? So why not jump into the strategy of a mobile application.

Use of push notifications

It is an effective way to remind the users about the updates and additions in your product and services. These notifications fall in the lock screen of the mobile phones, perhaps it has the option to be turned off as well.

Thereby, the developers need to be very specific about the use of push notifications. The message needs to be precise so the viewer picks up quickly

Secondly, the timing should be decided carefully since frequent notifications bother the user and they might turn it off.

Simple process to sign up

Who wants a lengthy and complicated signing-up procedure in the world of millions of applications available to switch to?

This is the key part where the app designers need to be concerned. It is preferable to simplify the process of entering the app. This way, the users can have quick access to the ultimate reason for installing it.

For instance, a customer installing the app for the first time will prefer to have access to the products page as quickly as possible. Perhaps, a lengthy sign-up process might provoke him to leave the app and look for an alternative.

Focused app strategy

An app should comprise both long-term goals and short-term benefits. It might seem favorable when you see a boost in traffic upon launching your app. However, what impact will it have on the long-term goal?

Is the traffic temporary to your app? Or will it continue to rise over time? You should ask your designers these questions rather than getting excited about the traffic that you notice instantly.

The purpose of an app should be a boost to your product and services demand and user traffic to your business. You won’t like something that will appear to fade within a year or so.

Benefits of app development

Following are some benefits that you can count on while developing a mobile application for your business:

  • Improved customer response
  • Brand loyalty among users
  • Tendency to innovate and improve your quality
  • All-time access to your product and services
  • Direct channel for marketing


To conclude, mobile applications have become an essential tool to access online business and marketing. With quick and easy connections with the users, businesses find the apps as a viable source.

The growing demand for customers to have virtual access to products and services has increased rapidly. Thereby, it has technically urged companies to enter the digital market through apps.

Perhaps, designing a robust app and fulfilling the customer’s need is a work of expertise. Many businesses tend to hire an app development agency that has the skills to design with marketing tools and tactics.

If you are running a business and still not connected yourself to the world through a mobile app then go for it.

However, if you are planning to start up a new venture, then creating a mobile marketing application should be of high priority.

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