How Creative Custom Packaging Elevate Subscription Brand Aesthetics?

Your worries about getting the perfect subscription custom packaging are over! We provide a comprehensive guide to how your products can look and value better.

Customers have changed. They’re looking for new ways to engage with businesses. Consumers today have a new set of expectations. They want outcomes, not responsibilities. Customization, not generalization. Constant improvement, not outdated visuals.

The result? Businesses are changing the way they sell their products and services. Over the past 9 years, we’ve seen an explosion of new types of business models all designed to keep customers consistently engaged in long-term relationships; think Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, etc.

Customers are now receiving more of their purchases through the mail rather than in-store. They like to receive frequently purchased items right on their doorsteps. The resulting factor is the subscription industry thriving with every passing minute.

If you are setting up business here or feel it is time for packaging change, picking effective and offbeat designs can be your best bet. No matter the product type or the message your branding aims to communicate, utilizing packaging design to the best of your ability can give your product the quality face value it deserves.

Decoding the subscription services

The subscription industry is relatively new. It began as e-commerce expanded and created the comfort of ordering products from home. More than half of online shoppers (54%) say they subscribe to a subscription box service. This industry thrives on the idea that customers wish to get their favorite items via a pleasing shopping vibe that they usually experience in-store.

Subscription boxes are what extend a personalized feel to buyers. It is a way of reaching out to buyers via the packaging and molding it as per the brand values. So, the boxes are rated as a priority among subscription brands that compete on delivering the best-looking boxes to customers and secure an even flow of subscriptions.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive right into how you can style the subscription boxes to surprise your customers.

  1. Great packaging starts with the box

We mean it literally!

The boxes are the base on which a durable customer relation can prosper. It includes how the boxes measure, look, and protect the items inside. Subscription items vary in nature. Anything from food items, to wellness products, and membership cards can be sent as part of the subscription services.

Naturally, no one-size-fits-all strategy can work on this. There has to be an individual appeal and fit for every subscription item. You can begin by measuring the subscription item you wish to deliver and find or customize boxes accordingly.

Custom additions such as color hues, patterns, or the simple inclusion of your brand logo, enable your brand to automatically stand out as something special in your customer’s mail. Moreover, warm and welcoming introductions give customers much-needed attention that they greatly appreciate and value. We often find such notes scrambled on the opening box lids and separate parchments inside the box.

You will be amazed how little creative inserts can beautify your boxes and make customers vouch for your brand multiple times.

  1. Secure the boxes with innovative locks

This works dually to protect the packaged products and add zest to the subscription custom packaging boxes.

Several box printing partners can provide a plethora of custom designs for your box seals. These teamed with quirky box shapes give a refreshing box appeal. Seals can be carved out of the box materials or you can alternatively use tapes and stickers for an added X factor.

Whether adding your business logo or invigorating your brand with patterns and colors, customized packaging tapes and stickers provide greater attention to detail that your customer will recognize. Certain boxes come with inserts and trays that greatly improve the unboxing feel and also hold the products in place for longer.

custom packaging

  1. Creating convincing brand aesthetics

While styling and using different custom box designs is a good way to engage buyers, you should remember that at the end of the day, all these elements must make sense.

Have you ever been enticed by random brand images that don’t convey a strong message? Probably not. The truth is that designing and styling make subscription boxes engaging only when these provide a convincing brand story.

Moreover, you would want the boxes to present a good brand value proposition instead of confusing buyers. An effective method would be to first identify the core buyers and design the boxes according to their preferences. You can design individual boxes too if the budget is sufficient. This way, every customer receiving the subscription boxes will not look anywhere else ever again!

  1. Use the box spaces thoughtfully

A limiting factor is that the boxes may not have ample room for every desired content and design component.

For this, you must first sketch out what you aim to achieve with custom printed shipping boxes before getting down to style them. This way, you can better position crucial info on the boxes and slot them in categories based on their significance.

Certain brands believe in a minimalistic approach like Apple. Basic colors and a prominent brand logo are what the boxes are made of. In contrast to this, Dior styles its boxes with lively graphics and descriptions. The trick is to define your brand ethos and branding goals to seal the final box look.

What about the packaging expenses?

Another factor to consider is costs. Going beyond your means is not suggested as well as not realizing the full brand potential can also be unfavorable. Customization allows you to pick the most cost-effective packaging deals for your subscription services.

Get in touch with experienced box stylists who offer an extensive range of custom box options. They craft the optimum subscription custom packaging that stays within the stated financial limits and takes your brand recognition to a whole new level.


It is clear that customization converts ordinary box appeal into exclusive ones. Using these tips would earn your brand undeterrable customer loyalty.

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