Why Is It Always Important To Hire A Registered Migration Agent?

The Australian Department of Home Affairs has made the visa application process online, thus making it easier for the applicants. So, if you wish, you can consider applying yourself. However, every time you come across an article on the internet regarding any visa application, you will find the recommendations to hire a registered migration agent.

The reason is very simple. Even though not hiring a professional agent saves a little bit of money, one single mistake in your application will ruin your plans and cost you heavily. On the other hand, a registered migration agent Adelaide can streamline the process and help you achieve the best results without any heavy loss.

This blog gives a detailed account of why all applicants must hire an immigration professional.

Who is a migration agent?

A migration agent in Australia is a skilled professional who holds adequate expertise in the field of migration law and provides necessary immigration assistance and advice.

  • In Australia, they are controlled by the OMARA (Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority), which forms a part of the Australian Department of Home Affairs.

  • To get their registrations done, they have to meet the specified standards of competency, and once qualified, the Australian Government authorizes them for providing services.

According to the law, an immigration agent Adelaide needs to maintain a Code of Conduct for their services. They should keep themselves updated about any changes introduced in the migration law and apply for registration annually.

Migration agents registered with OMARA can help you with your application process in many ways.

  • First of all, they can complete the application procedure for you.

  • They can help you arrange all the necessary documents.

  • For any doubts regarding the application procedure, you can ask them for clarification.

  • In addition, they can contact the Immigration Department about the progress of your application.

For contact information, you can visit the OMARA Website and search the Register of Migration Agents. If you are making an offshore visa application, you can also take help from an Australian migration agent because these registered professionals are based in many countries around the globe. So, to find one, you can type ‘migration agent near me’ in the internet search bar.

Why should you hire an experienced migration agent?

In this section, we have discussed the key benefits of hiring an experienced migration agent.

They are knowledgeable and expert in their own fields

The immigration system in Australia is pretty hard. While applying for a visa, you will be bound to come across numerous legal obligations and document submissions, where you should have a clear understanding and knowledge.

If you do not know the proper meaning of a specific condition, you can make a grave mistake, ultimately leading to your visa application rejection. At this point, a hired migration consultant can come in handy. The reasons are as follows.

  • They are experts in application requirements and legal proceedings.

  • In their year-long career, they face different types of situations. So, automatically, they are the persons who can make you understand the legal requirements and tell you which documents you will exactly need.

  • A migration agent can also help you correctly complete the application form.

  • With the situation constantly evolving, migration agents have become more conscious about keeping themselves updated. So, for the latest information, you have to approach only them.

They can provide you with legal help

For all the migration agents in Australia, it is mandatory to be register with the Migration Agents Registration Authority and have a Migration Law certificate. However, you should note that all migration agents are not lawyers.

Migration experts who are lawyers by profession are called migration lawyers. In addition to helping with the visa application process, a migration lawyer can offer you another advantage.

If your visa application gets deny by the Department of Home Affairs and you want to appeal the decision, your migration lawyer can represent you in court.

Solving complex issues – one of the most significant advantages

We had already mentioned that Australian Immigration is pretty complicated. For different visas, there are different rules and legal obligations. If your application gets deny by the Immigration Department, the Department will inform you about the valid reasons behind the refusal.

But sometimes, you may find it challenging to figure out those reasons. A migration agent can help you understand them and give you the necessary guidance to successfully apply for that same or any other type of visa.

Less stress and time-consumption

If you think that applying for an Australian visa only involves completing some forms and submitting a few documents, you are wrong. While proceeding with the application, you have to go through the following processes.

  • You will need to fill out each form (application form, parental consent form, etc.).

  • For every information you include, you should be able to provide evidence in support.

  • You will need to keep in touch with the Department of Home Affairs constantly. Every time the authorities request something from you, you have to respond timely.

  • You may have to submit any additional documents the Department asks you while assessing the application.

Therefore, you can understand how stressful and time-consuming the task can be.

If you want to reduce this stress, the best way you should consider is to contact a visa agent Adelaide. An experienced agent can guide you in every step of the application, and you will feel much relaxed when you know that your application is in the safer pair of hands.

Sometimes, the Department of Immigration may ask you for additional documents, and it happens mostly in the cases of incomplete applications. These incidents cause delays, which can be avoided when you take help from a migration agent.

You will get much secure and reliable service

As a visa application is a legal process, hiring an agent who can ensure maximum security is essential. It is always recommend to hire a MARA-registered agent because of their sufficient knowledge and expertise. They will first discuss with you and then advise according to your requirements. Details on them can be on the MARA website, which reduces the risks of becoming a victim to an unregister agent.

The higher success rate for visa approval

The average success rate of some migration consultancies is more than 95%, primarily because of the knowledge their migration agents hold.

For example, if you want to apply for a partner visa, you will find three types, which include both offshore and onshore. You can quickly become confused and choose the incorrect one. But with a migration agent by your side, this mistake will not be made.

Final words

Currently, the monetary cost to appeal against a visa rejection decision is around $5K to $10K. You can understand how important it has become to hire a migration agent now, more than ever. However, while searching, you may come across another term, ‘visa consultant’. A visa consultant cannot provide you with the same help a registered immigration agent Adelaide can. Therefore, it will be important to check their profile before hiring.

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