Cancer & Cancer Sexual & Intimacy Marriage Compatibility

A relationship between two Cancer people can remind you of a teen drama, loaded with tears, heavy emotions, tenderness, and mushy declarations of love. But all said and done, only a Cancer can understand the emotions of another Cancer.

Cancer Marriage Compatibility: Intimacy

Cancer is capable of achieving intimacy with the right person. Being a romantic sign, Cancer likes to be wooed with poetry, wine, and good food. But this is a sign where Mars falls, so they will lack initiative. A healthy sex life is possible only when Mars is strong, but in a Cancer-Cancer pairing, this strength is missing. So, even if their emotional relationship is good, sexual chemistry will be deficient between them. Their sex life will be driven by the emotions they feel towards each other. Physical contact does not majorly feature in it.

But they do need someone to push their limits. A boring emotional life cannot sustain a relationship for long after all. If the relationship is to succeed, they need to experiment a little and take the initiative more often.

Cancer Marriage Compatibility : Trust

Cancer’s planetary ruler is the Moon which is exalted in Taurus. So this is a well-grounded sign. Cancer seeks emotional stability, but they also understand that perfection is hard to find. When they find a suitable person, therefore, they will be willing to make some compromises to build a lasting relationship. As two Cancer people essentially have similar goals, trust will be easy to establish.

Cancer Marriage Compatibility: Communication

Cancer is not big on verbal communication. As long as they feel comfortable in each other’s presence, they can be quiet for days. They are intuitive, and so they don’t really need to verbalize their feelings and emotions, especially with another Cancer. Who needs words when a smile or frown can convey things with more economy? These two seem to share a deep telepathic connection. They can sit in silence together and feel totally relaxed.


Cancer is often described as the most emotional sign of the zodiac. This sign signifies family love rather than sexual love. Two Cancer natives in a relationship have no problems in understanding each other’s emotional states. They will have no problem forming a deep bond as they talk about their feelings openly. And if one of them acts moody or passive- aggressive, the other will give them enough space or try to diffuse the mood. But if both partners go into a shell, it can cause problems. They need to talk openly about their issues, or resentment will build up as Cancer is prone to nurse grudges.


Cancer is a nurturing sign, but they also like to be nurtured. They want to take care of their friends and family. They want a safe and cozy home. A Cancer-Cancer pairing works well simply because they have the same values, and this contributes to their mutual understanding. Home, family, and children mean the most to Cancer. To build a loving home, Cancer is capable of making huge personal sacrifices. They will be loyal to each other, always, and will be willing to fight for making their relationship a success.

Shared Activities

Activities that revolve around the home and family are what they like. It could be gardening or beautifying the home. These two want to build a cozy nest where they can hunker down with their kids. Cancer loves food so, both will enjoy cooking. They take great joy in collecting things for the house, be it an antique mirror or a bedside lamp. So shopping together would be very enjoyable for them. They share a love of history, mother, family bonds, and a yearning for a soulful romance.

The sensitive and compassionate nature of Cancer makes them ideal candidates for marriage. As for their sex life, it may suffer from a lack of energy and initiative. They should try to avoid routine as much as possible. They should try to surprise each other often and plan activities that could take them out of their comfort zone once in a while if they don’t want their relationship to become stagnant. Read more

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