How to Get Organized for the Big Move?

Home shifting can be monotonous and exciting at the same time. While moving to the new city makes the process exciting, the tedious task of packing-unpacking makes the process tiresome. Most people hire professional packers and movers to handle their big move. Moving companies have a team of professionals, who are well trained in packing and moving goods. They will pack and move your goods without any hassles. Also, provide a complete shifting solution by handling everything proficiently.

But that doesn’t mean you will not be involved in packing and moving your belongings. Packing the goods is not easy even for professional movers. This is a time-consuming task. You can do a few things to arrange the goods for packing and make it easier for the packers to pack everything.

Being organized for the big move will ease the moving process and you can enjoy a hassle-free moving experience. Hence, it is advised to plan and organize your move before it gets too late.

Tips to Get Organized for the Move

Categorize the Goods

Professional movers and packers will help you to pack and move your stuff. They will pack whether they would be asked to. But they will not categorize your goods based on their usage or conditions. Hence, it’s your duty to do it before the arrival of the movers.

Make a list of the household items. Then categorize them into three sections – what to keep, what to discard, and what to donate. This will help you to reduce the weight of your belongings due to which packers and movers charges will be decreased.

Once you are done with categorizing the goods, keep the ones for the packers that you want to move along with. This way packers will only pack those items that you really want. Also, remember moving companies’ charges mainly depend on the weight of your shipment. That’s why it is advisable to move with only those items that you actually need. And sell or donate the ones that are useless or unwanted.

You will see that how loads of unwanted items have been reduced and now you can relocate stress-freely.

Sort by frequency of use

If you think that discarding goods is difficult for you then use this trick. Check all your goods and see how often you use them. you will find out that there are several items you barely use. Most of them are just resting in your house capturing most spaces. Also, there could be a few that requires replacement. Maybe the sofa set is outdated and you want a new design. Photo frames are now scratched and it’s time to change them. How about your crockery set that’s already a decade older and you want those that you have seen in a shopping portal last month?

If you think you need some items to be replaced, relocation gives you that opportunity. And do not worry about the older items, you can simply sell them online at a good price.

And keep those items separately that you use often and want to see in your new home as well. Ask your movers to pack them safely and transport them with utmost care.

Pack your valuables by yourself

Not only the expensive furniture or classy crockery set are your valuables, but there are a few that needs the utmost care during house shifting. The goods like your jewelry set, makeup kits, laptop, and documents should be packed by yourself. You shouldn’t hand over these items to your movers. take them along with you. Pack them separately in a bag and carry them with you.

Also, if you want to save money while moving with packers and movers then use this trick. Packers and movers charge as per the number of items they will pack and move. You can reduce the price by packing a few goods by yourself.

Arrange boxes and other packing supplies

House shifting means packing all the items safely, for which you will need good packaging materials and moving boxes. If you are hiring professional movers and packers from Pune to Nagpur then you don’t have to be worried about this. Movers bring their own packing supplies and other equipment, which they use to pack and load the goods. But if you will pack the items by yourself to save money then arrange boxes and buy packaging materials. You can ask local vendors to get free boxes. Also, use your amazon boxes to pack your goods.

Pack an essential bag

Apart from packing all the household stuff, you shall pack a bag separately for all the essentials. With essentials, we mean carrying the stuff that you will need on the first night in your house. Movers may need more time to deliver the shipment. Also, many factors could delay the delivery time of the shipment. Hence, you must keep some essentials with you that will help you to survive a few days in your new house.

Ask every member to pack their own essential bag. This will help you all to carry your bags with you and also you will not face any difficulties after reaching the new house.


Getting organized before you relocate is very much important. Start planning your move at least two months before the move. And if you have less than a week and moving locally then take the assistance of professional packers and movers immediately. Also, you will learn online new tips and tricks to get organized before the move through.

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