Why Box Printing Is An Essential Component of Gift Set Packaging?

Adding gift boxes within your packaging regime reaps great benefits especially during holiday seasons. Box printing helps to refresh your brand image and upgrade the packaging as and when desired.

Gift packaging is an effective way to surprise your customers, make them feel special, and give them another reason to pick your company over other brands. Even if you are selling the same product all year round, packaging it pleasingly always helps to boost sales. Thus, attaining a better brand repute with innovative and custom printing shouldn’t be missed.

Many brands pick annual festivals and occasions to cash in on enhanced buying frequencies of buyers with creatively printed gift boxes. However, making it work matters to grabbing the opportunity wisely. Printing needs to define the brand tastefully and capture the customers’ imagination with relative ease. A total revamp of colors and/or patterns could damage the brand image you have already established. It’s, therefore, a good idea to design your own personal branded gift boxes.

If gift packaging is something that you desire to include within your packaging, then you have come to the right place. The following methods and ways can always give your brand that extra zest and appeal.

Colorful blends

One fool-proof way to make your gift packaging instantly resonate with buyers is by adding in a vivacious mix of colors.

You can use traditional festival colors, green and red for Christmas, gold and silver for Easter, and red for Valentine. Or can pick new color pallets to gain from distinct box appearances. Even if customers react to conventional colors for specific occasions, new and innovative colors nevertheless, add to the festive excitement.

Even if you are not aiming for any particular occasion, adding colors to the gift boxes enhances their worth. Many brands give gift boxes with their products as a way of improving their value proposition. Customers do not mind paying a bit extra for getting special treatment from the brands.

Unique brand vibes

While designing gift boxes, businesses must pay head to how they want customers to perceive their company image.

For instance, if your company is known to be minimalistic with its branding and designs, it would be a good idea to stick to this vibe on the gift boxes too. The whole point is to reflect your branding values on the gift packaging so customers feel compelled to be brand loyal. Cluttered and messy gift boxes usually don’t generate a positive customer reaction as too much customization is thrown for customers to unravel. The idea is to keep it basic yet impactful.

Several premium chocolate brands impose their brand logos using foil stamping and/or embossing to be more prominent. They choose box printing with stylish patterns and vibrant colors to stand out and represent the brand strongly.

Readable fonts and quirky texts

Gift boxes with exceptional shades and patterns won’t work unless they communicate meaningful and exciting messages. Often brands make a common mistake of focusing their efforts on box designing and letting go of the chance to form a personal relation with customers.

Brands have a wide scope of font types to play around with. Using gift boxes for creating brand awareness is a worthwhile procedure. The boxes can convey essential product details such as expiry dates, uses, ingredients, and more. Additionally, brands can market themselves using hashtags, promotional taglines, and persuasive content that convinces customers to buy the brand on a loop!

Whether your gift boxes are shipped to customers or displayed on store shelves, they must be easy to read. Using fonts that are quirky yet clear is the right way to make the most of the gift boxes and radiate exclusive branding.

Engaging unboxing impressions

Modern customer shopping experiences are fulfilled by a pleasing unboxing process. Using gift boxes is an offbeat yet important way to expand brand recognition and reach more potential customers using the online review videos as a tool.

Gift boxes can be carved with distinct box features that keep the products safe while in transit. Custom printed shipping boxes come in creative shape cuts. So, brands do not have to get gift packaging in the usual conventional format. Buyers love to receive their products in interesting box forms with outlandish seals and box layers. It adds to the overall fun of unboxing their favorite products. Obviously, satisfied and thrilled customers are bound to keep coming back!

Box printing

Staying within means

An abundance of custom gift box options can leave brands overwhelmed. It can result in companies going over-board with their designs to create the ideal gift packaging. But it can mean higher costs and maybe less focus on the product itself.

The primary purpose of using gift boxes is to achieve better marketing results using only a fraction of the digital ad expenses. It certainly won’t work out to make them more costly and therefore, forego the real aim of reducing advertising costs. Boxes made with reusable materials are affordable. Hence, branding done on them is less cost-intensive than most other marketing means.

Draft out the budget and then stick to it for better results. Your brand would gain improved benefits when the gift boxes are crafted with the stated methods while remaining cost-effective at the same time.

Take away                          

No matter the size of your company, if the idea of getting seasonal and unique with your packaging sounds appealing, it’s a great idea to use customized gift boxes. Taking one step at a time for finalizing box printing is key to sustaining longer in your consumer markets. The upcoming festivities would see a higher number of customers heading for shopping whether online or otherwise. Shinning in this time frame is particularly important for elevating sales figures. Gift packaging is becoming more popular with each passing year. Make your brand look regal and compulsory for potential customers using distinct designs and box forms.


You would gain from using gift boxes this holiday season. Doing this would ensure that customers get their eyes on your brand identity quickly and rapidly.

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