Ways to Adorn Your Windows with Curtains, Blinds, And Shutters

Discover the finest window dressing idea for your taste, whether you have a bay or straight window.

It’s a cliche, but your home’s windows are its eyes, and how you dress them can make or break your room plan. A versatile window treatment is your best option because not only does the style you choose need to be attractive, but it will also determine how much light is cast into the space. With our window treatment ideas, you’ll have all the inspiration you need.

Window treatment suggestions for every room

Blackout curtains are a popular alternative for bedroom window dressing ideas since they are lined and prevent additional light from entering the room and disrupting your sleep. Similarly, for bedroom windows, roller blinds with a blackout lining are an excellent option. Venetian blinds come in a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, and wood, and are an excellent choice for kitchens and bathrooms. These may be slanted to let in more or less light and provide additional privacy, and they are very easy to clean. Vertical blinds are a functional solution for conservatories, but they can look old, therefore roller blinds are generally preferred for a more modern aesthetic.

1. Use bold Roman blinds to make a statement.

We usually advocate window blind solutions as a simple alternative to curtains – and Roman blinds are possibly the smartest. With blinds positioned inside a window recess or on the outside, fabric panels are delicately pleated for a fitted aesthetic. For a sophisticated look, line and trim blinds with a contrasting colour fabric. For a blind, you’ll need a lot less cloth than you would for curtains. So you can splurge on a more opulent cloth to make a true impression.

2. Emphasize a unique window design.

Don’t hide beautiful French doors or a wonderful view from the outside. Install a curtain pole that extends beyond both sides of the windows, allowing the curtains to be drawn back out of the way. Consider whether the window is something to be proud of or something to hide. Some are just too lovely to be fully obscured by window treatments.

3. Use colored drapes to frame practical shutters.

It’s better to go with a timeless white design in spaces when you’re choosing a window treatment based on practicality, such as shutters on the lower half of a living room window to provide privacy. You can soften the look and add pattern or colour to your decorating scheme by framing the window with curtains that are there more for decoration – you may not ever need to draw them, but they become vital to bring colour and pattern to your decorating design.

4. Find a nice roof window solution.

Skylight windows are a fantastic way to open up a loft space and let in extra light. However, window coverings are required to provide a decent night’s sleep and to keep roof areas from becoming unduly hot. These blackout roof blinds, which come in a variety of fabrics and frame colours, cling snugly to the window to offer darkness day or night.

5. Hang a café curtain.

For a kitchen window, a delicate cafe curtain or half curtain is ideal. A voile fabric with a lovely print to match your kitchen plan, such as this feather print fabric, is great. This form of window treatment allows plenty of light in while also providing some privacy if your kitchen window is located near the front of the house and passers-by may be able to see in. For a few pounds, you can get cafe rods that fit easily into the window recess.

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