React 18 Announced: Key Features Expected

With the ever-increasing popularity among developers. React Native continues to offer a wide range of benefits to users. In essence, ReactJS is an open-source library running on Javascript. making it immensely well-liked by software developers across the globe. Created, released, and maintained by Facebook. ReactJS aids in the development of web applications that boast an excellent user interface.
Moreover, these apps can be design with minimum coding, making the process efficient, fast and hassle-free. The primary reason for its popularity is flexibility. it helps users while building apps across different platforms. As per a survey, ReactJS is the topmost web framework preferred by 40.14% of software developers globally. However, to ensure that the app works perfectly, you need to conduct research and Hire React Native developers. Only the best developers can build the app as per your specifications without any hassle. 

The Popularity of React Native

There are various reasons that explain why React Native is such an appealing option to app developers. To get the best results in terms of app development, you need to choose the best React Native App Development Company for your app
Here is a list of advantages that one can gain from React Native. 
  • Code Reusability
With React Native, you can use the same codebase for both Android and iOS platforms. It is true that with this framework, you can get the advantage of cross-platform development to some extent. While some features are already available, others will need writing from the beginning. The support of the community of React Native is worth mentioning. They actively support the framework and work towards making it better. However, here, developers need to focus on the stability of the solutions. 
  • Short Development Time
One of the most significant advantages of using React Native is that it takes a short amount of time for app development. That is mainly because the framework offers many components. It increases the timeline of the development phase. As React Native is based on JavaScript. Developers get access to the biggest ecosystem, allowing them to save. Time while creating a reliable and efficient application. 
  • Small Team
While other frameworks will need two different teams excellent at iOS and Android platforms, that is not the case. With React Native, all you will need is an efficient JavaScript developer with expertise in code writing for both platforms. That is why you will need a small team, which saves money and makes it easy to manage them even more. 
  • Fast Refresh
The introduction of Fast Refresh is proof that the react Native team listens to the feedback and complaints of the users. One of the most frustrating aspects of the framework was the Hot Reload feature. It was unreliable and was thus turn off by most developers. At the end of the year 2019, the developers release the Fast Refresh in an effort to fix this problem. With this tool, you can now fix bugs and improve the developer experience. 
  • Large Community
React Native boasts of a large community supported by developers across the globe. As React Native is an open-source platform. it allows different developers to offer knowledge to enhance the framework’s functioning. Moreover, the platform is accessible to all. That is why if any developer faces an issue, they can easily post a question or query on the community page. You can relax knowing that someone will help you out and resolve your problem. Moreover, it will also aid you in enhancing your coding skills. 
  • Impressive UI
React Native aims to simplify UI. As such, it uses declarative programming where there is no need to create action sequences. That makes it easy to identify bugs and correct the issue before it becomes a major problem. 
Announcement of React 18
The official website of React has launched React 18 as the latest version. But, there have been no mentions of any release date. Now, only the alpha version is available. Even in the alpha version, the recent additions make the framework even more appealing to developers
Key features that you can expect in React 18
Take a look at the latest features that you can find in React 18 –
  • Automatic Batching
Batching is the process that involves the grouping of multiple updates. under one render state to attain excellent computational performance. It also prevents the occurrence of the “Half-Finished” states in which only one state variable was undergoing updation. It may lead to the development of bugs. 
Previously, React only batched updates during a browser event or React event handlers. However, with React 18, things have changed. Irrespective of the origin of the updates, they will be automatically batched. Here, the updates within promises, timeouts and even native event handlers.
It will have the same batching as that of the updates present inside the React events. This will evidently lead to a reduction in work rendering, thereby improving the performance of the application. Ultimately, it will make the batching process highly consistent and reliable. For a seamless experience, you must Hire a developers
  • Root API improvement
React 18 will use two distinct root APIs. These include – ReactDOM.createRoot and the Legacy root API. The function of ReactDOM.createRoot is to add all the improvements to the app while enabling concurrent mode features. On the other hand, Legacy root API offers warnings on API depreciation and runs a legacy mode root API. Moreover, it will also provide suggestions on moving to another root API. 
  • Selective Hydration and New Suspense SSR
SSR, server-side rendering, is a vital component of React. It allows the generation of HTML on the server directly and then allows sharing with the users. With this, users can get a preview of the page via SSR before the execution and running of the javascript bundle. In some cases, the javascript present on the backend takes a considerable amount of time for processing. This time is called the Hydrating Time. With the latest feature, React 18 aims to improve the SSR performance of React on an architectural level.
The new feature allows streaming of HTML directly on the server. This means that the server will send components prices as per rendering with the use of a component called Suspense. This component decides which parts can be render directly and which will take some time to load. When the browser gets both the javascript code and content, all the ready components will initiate hydrating
  • Concurrent Rendering
Designing an app that is fully responsive all the time is a difficult feat. In some cases, small actions such as typing into the input, clicking or pressing can freeze the page while the work is completed behind the scenes. Previously, React consider all updates to be render urgently. This led to workflow disruption. With the aid of startTransition API in react 18, it is now possible for react to understand which update is urgent and which can be done later.
The API offers you the chance to label updates as “transitions.” Updates with this tag are marked as non-urgent and will face interruption if some urgent updates occur. Moreover, the prior transitions are discarded, reducing time wastage on content rendering. startTransition shifts the updates to the background. Still, now, React 18 has the default setting of making each update urgent. Here, you can use startTransition to mark it as a transition update. 
  • Easy Upgradation
Owing to the subject nature of concurrency, React 18 is an easily upgradable version. Here, no to minimum changes are needed in the existing application codes. It is possible to convert applications to React 18 within a short time period, for instance, a single afternoon. In this case, the decision to Hire React Native Developers is an excellent one. 

React 18 Working Group

For the release of React 18, something new was adopted by the developers. Experts, library authors, developers and educators from the React community were invited. To participate in the react 18 Working Group. Their main work was to offer feedback and ask different questions to improve the version. While the group invited was small, it was a step in the right direction for the owners. 
The primary goal of this group is to create an ecosystem. that facilitates the smooth adoption of the new React 18 with the support of existing libraries and applications. GitHub Discussions hosts the Working Group and is available for the public to gain more information


Though these are the key features that have been announced, the minor features remain to be unveiled. These latest additions to React 18 enhance the functionality of the framework even more. With this, possibilities have increased, which was otherwise impossible in the previous one. Once implemented, developers can take advantage of these features to make the app even more interesting. Extensive research coupled with genius concepts has resulted in the production of React 18. To make use of all these features, you need to hire the best React Native development company

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