Landline Numbers on the Internet (business phone system Lines)

Purchase a virtual telephone number online and begin accepting calls right away! With no setup costs or obligations, AVOXI makes it simple to receive business phone system lines wherever you need them. AVOXI offers 20+ VoIP services with your virtual phone lines at no extra charge.

Get Business Virtual Landline Numbers:

AVOXI’s virtual landline (also known as VoIP landlines) is indeed a business phone line that lets you forward calls to one or more devices anywhere in the world. Real phone lines with AVOXI contain 20+ business services including virtual attendant, phone message, call recording, and more for no extra cost, in addition to configurable call forwarding rules.

Neither any virtual landline company offers to get VoIP phone lines from over 170 countries so simple and economical. There are no cancellation or setup fees. Purchase a virtual contact number for your business and begin handling calls right away!

• In 170+ countries, get toll-free, quasi, and local virtual landlines.

• Calls can be forwarded to one or more devices anywhere in the world, including landline phones, mobile phones, and PC softphones.

Why AVOXI can provide enables the company phone lines in places where most global suppliers can’t, such as many African and Asian countries.

Business VoIP Phone Lines from Around the World:

• Expect exceptional call quality.

Business phone lines can be ported from practically any place. Close ties with local carriers all over the world make it simple to transfer phone lines from nations where other carriers struggle.

It’s simple, quick, and inexpensive to set up a virtual phone line:

• There are no setup fees or cancellation fees associated with any virtual landline package.

• inbound calls For only $6.99, you can record unlimited outbound

•VoIP calling rates

•  paid to migrate your existing phone numbers to AVOXI and get up to a month of free service!

•Use VoIP phone lines.

• Virtual attendant menus.

• SMS forwarding

•calls in minutes.

• At no extra charge, every business phone line comes with adjustable ring rules, voicemail translation, call logging, and call tracking.


User licenses are required to unlock sophisticated phone system functions after receiving a VoIP home phone from AVOXI. The following are examples of outbound functionality: Contact custom dispositions, sophisticated analytics, CRM interfaces, and much more are all available.

Plan and Feature Add-Ons for Your Virtual Home Phone:

For example, Choose the phone system you wish to buy and a number to forward incoming calls to from the online buying cart (you can change this at any time). Then, based on your expected call volume and also any add-ons like as call recording, SMS transfer (available in the United States and Canada), or a free app of our online contact center system, select a plan. Complete your checkout after you’ve chosen your plan and add-ons.

Are you looking to buy business telephone line in bulk? An AVOXI employee will contact you when you purchase your first virtual telephone number and receive your account login for instance information to confirm that new business line is set it up according to your requirements. Simply provide them with the specifics of your request, and they will do the rest!

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