Office Printers Buying Guide: What Printer Should I Buy?

When you are looking for a perfect office printers for your various requirement needs. It is essential to do some research and consider the options that are available today. It is amazing how various types of printers are available. And you can just not pick out anything as you might not get the one that suits your requirement. Some printers are basic and work just to print from your desktop. Some printers come with a plethora of functions like wireless capabilities, faxing, and copying. You must consider what you will be using the printer for and there are printer for sale too.

Inkjet or Laser

The first thing you need to consider is the matter of what and how much you will be printing. The two options available are;

  • Inkjet – which uses ink cartridges to print on paper and immediately get dried.
  • Laser printer – These printers use toner, a kind of ink dush that bonds to paper for quick results and is easy to use.
  • Super tank printers – can save you time a lot by using high-capacity cartridges so you are allowed to print more with just a few cartridges.

Office Printer

Choosing a home and office printers

For home

With features of all in your family, a complete wireless inkjet printer is super convenient to access various devices in one space-saving machine. This allows you to print copy recipes, documents, and school papers. Some specific models can also let you fax. If you print a lot, then go for supertank printers.

Office Printers

At the basic level, one of the common printer options to consider is the laser and inkjet printers. Inkjet is suitable for printing text, images, and graphics, but a bit slower than laser printers. On the other hand, laser printers excel at printing mostly black and white text documents at high speeds.

Laser printers are the most famous choice among business owners as of their high output, speed, and high-quality text printing. Most of the companies outsource these printing jobs like direct mailers and brochures. So, they prefer using a laser printer.

Whether you plan to buy an inkjet or laser, there are loads of functions to choose from. Some of the features to consider when buying a printer for your office needs are;

  • Copying:

    AOL printers come not just with printing capabilities but also the ability to copy. There are great for home offices and corporates.

  • Scanning:

    A flatbed scanner can be used for taking prints of books and photos.

  • Faxing:

    While faxing machines are not that common as they were once, they are old–fashioned. Many businesses still use this function.

  • Wireless printing:

    This is very essential for any office that uses wireless devices like tablets and laptops.

  • Duplexing:

    This feature helps you to print or scan double-sided, enable businesses to reduce the amount of paper they use.

  • Special paper handling:

    If you print high volumes then you might look to invest in a machine with various paper trays, which means you can stay longer without the need of refilling with paper.

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