What are the Documents Required for TEC Certification in India?

What is TEC certification? It’s a mandatory business registration for importers of certain telecommunication devices.

The Wireless Planning and Coordination wing, under the guidance of Department of Telecommunication, issues it to those applicants who can meet the eligibility criteria necessary. 

Here are the documents required that certify those eligibility criteria.

Letter of Authorization Granting the AIR the Authority to Continue with TEC Certification Process

The foreign manufacturer of the telecom device cannot directly file the application for TEC certification. He has to appoint an authorized representative to do so.

It’s because that authorized representative will conduct all the necessary procedures required for the acquisition of the certificate that include:

  1. Application filing
  2. Department follow-up
  3. Error removal. 

To appoint an Authorized Indian Representative, you need to hire an expert who has the technical knowledge to aid you and look after your certification interests in India. Afterwards, draft a power of attorney making that expert your AIR. 

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the service provider and the Importer

The applicant – importer of the telecom device – must come to an understanding with his or her service provider for TEC certification.

In order to validate that understanding, Telecommunication Engineering Centre requires a document called Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that the applicant and consultant and the applicant have to sign. 

Address proof of the manufacturing unit 

It’s important that the applicant provides the address proof of the manufacturing unit of the telecom device to the Telecommunication Engineering Centre.

It’s because there are certain countries which are prohibited from exporting telecom products from India. The address details gives proof to the TEC that the export isn’t from one of them. 

Document describing the technical specification of the product

A document that contains the technical specifications of the telecommunication device including:

  1. Schematic diagram of the product. 
  2. Radio frequency at which the product works 
  3. Raw materials used to manufacture the product
  4. Whether the product meets all the safety standards. 

The applicant must mention all the details specified above in a concise format.

Copy of Trademark Registration

If there is trademark registration certificate for the brand of telecommunication product, the applicant must submit it to the Telecommunication Engineering Centre.

The reason behind requirement of this document is need to conduct a background check on the manufacturer of the product.

Authority letter of the brand owner

If the brand owner of the telecommunication product is different from its manufacturer, then the brand owner must authorize the manufacturer to apply for TEC certification. 

Bill of all the materials in the XLS format

Bill of all the materials that  the manufactured has used to produce the telecommunication device. You must provide those details in the  .XLS format.

It’s because the Telecommunication Engineering Center prefers this format as it lists all the raw materials in a neat format. 

Original Test reports 

Before the request for TEC certification is applied for online, the applicant must get the telecommunication device tested at an independent lab. 


TEC certification gives importer the permission to bring telecom devices in India. This blog has given you with a detailed description of all the document that you need to obtain it. 

If you’re still confused about the nature of these documents or want to know more about TEC certificates in India, don’t hesitate in reaching out to our experts. We are always ready to deliver the services for such a nuanced business certificate.

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