How Long Does SEO Take?

The most important question for almost every website owner when launching a new SEO campaign is “How long will it take to get my page at the top?” The answer, of course, varies quite a bit based on several factors that we will discuss here. The number one thing that website owners should consider before starting an SEO campaign is that they need to be patient. SEO is not an overnight process. With all of the Google updates in recent months, it’s becoming even harder and harder to achieve top rankings quickly. In the past, even earlier this year, many SEO companies were able to take brand new sites and get them ranked on the first page of Google for competitive keywords within a few weeks. This is not the case anymore.

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In order to get those top rankings, you have to consistently put in the hard work: writing great content, creating natural-looking backlinks, and getting as much exposure and traffic on your own as you can. That last piece is one thing that people often overlook with SEO. They don’t worry about getting people to their site early on. They just wait for the SEO to kick in. Not only is this a poor plan because it prevents people from getting to your site early, but it also can slow down your SEO. When people visit your site, they share your site, and this makes your site more appealing to the search engines. Rather than just worrying about getting the search traffic to your site, you need to do everything you can to get any traffic there.

All that is nice, but you still want to know how long it is going to take. It obviously takes a lot of work to generate interest in your site. You want your site to just show up at the top of Google so that you can focus on doing your business rather than on promoting it. Well, here are some things you need to consider regarding the amount of time it might take before you call up San Diego SEO Ranker and ask for overnight rankings:

How long has your site been up?

Have you done SEO in the past?

Has your site ever been penalized?

What is the competition for your industry?

Where is your page ranking now?

How much are you willing to spend on your SEO campaign?

Of course, once you get those rankings, you have to continue to work to keep them there. No matter how long it takes to get to the top, it can take only a few days to fall off the top. There is always someone else out there trying to move ahead of you. If you work hard and consistently provide great content that gives people a reason to keep coming back to your site, then you eventually will get the rankings your site deserves. If you don’t put in the work and instead rely on cheap SEO that guarantees fast rankings, then you will typically end up at the bottom of the search engines. At least that’s where you will be at the end. You may find yourself on top for just a few days, but what is the benefit of that?

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