How To Look Fashionable With The Stunning Head Scarf

Are you sick of bad hair days every time it gets windy or simply going to a party and feeling sad because you can’t make a nice hairstyle? The solution might be as close as your closet. All you need is a piece of clothing that’s been hiding in there since the last century: a scarf! With this kind of head jewellery that can be transformed into any number of chic ensembles, you’ll never again have to worry about bad hair days. For those who don’t know what ‘trend’ means, it’s simply the current mode of fashion. Sometimes they disappear so quickly, other times they stay for a decade or two. People find ways to make their own style by putting together different items of clothing and accessories with suitable colours so as to create their personal appearance. A  hair scarf is one thing that always goes with the trend. More and more celebrities like Rihanna and Alexa Chung put on headscarves to look even more stylish and attractive. And today, we’ll tell you how to make a headscarf look by explaining some examples of scarf-trend models.

Different Ways To Use Head Scarf

  • Chic Hairband

One piece of cloth can be used in various ways! You can make a chic hairband by making a knot on top of your head, a beret-like hat by rolling the cloth over itself while piling it to one side and leaving one end sticking out, a bandana by folding the scarf in half lengthwise then wrapping it around your forehead or a full-on turban by tying both ends together. You can also go from a simple chignon to a complicated up-do (say, an updo for prom night) by using or wrapping the scarf in different ways.

  • Back-tied style – Tying Behind The Head

This style usually doesn’t suit long hair. If you got that, then go for some other styles below. Here’s an example: Fold the scarf in half and put it on like this. Then bring the two ends together and tie them behind your head to make a knot. You can adjust the tightness of the scarf by pulling it up or down, as well as make it bigger or smaller. This style is very effective if you want an elegant look.

  • Cute style – Tying Around The Neck

This style is suitable for those who want to show off their neck and shoulders. Take the hair wrap scarf, and fold it in half, then bring the ends together so as to make a triangle shape. But don’t knot it yet, leave some of your hair outside of this triangle. After that put the excess part of the scarf over your head and tie it around your neck to make a loop.

  • Simple style – Tying Like A Bow

If you don’t want to do anything complicated, then you’d better choose this style. It’s the simplest and easiest one; you even may not need any other accessories because of it. Here’s an example:

Put your hair up high and make a ponytail, then tie the scarf around your hair to make a knot. It doesn’t matter how tight or loose it is because this style is very simple and casual.

  • Long Scarf Style – Long Scarves For Long Hair

Long scarves are more effective on long hair. If you have short hair, you may need to tie up your hair first. Here’s an example: If you want to tie the scarf around, then bring both ends together and make a knot at the back of your head. Or if you’d like to wear it on top of your head, you can put it around two times firstly, then tie it above forehead level.

  • Headband With A Bow Style – Tying Around Head + Bow

This is an enhanced version of the second model, and it’s suitable for those who have medium or long hair. Here’s an example: Put the scarf hair tie on like this and make a knot above forehead level. Then tie a bow shape at the back of your head. It’s quite simple to make a bow, you can look it up on Google or YouTube if you don’t know how to do it.

  • Half-tied Style – Scarf Around The Neck With Two Knots

This is another enhanced version of the third model. If you want to tie the scarf around your neck with two knots, then bring both ends together and make two knots. One of the knots should be at the back of your head, while the other one can just hang behind you. You may choose any color scarf that matches your clothes well.

  • Headband Style – Tying Around The Head

This style is suitable for those who have long hair. If you don’t, you should choose one of the models below. Here’s an example: Remove hair tie and put your scarf on like this, then tie it above the forehead to make a knot. The end of the scarf should reach about your ear; And if your hair is too short, you may need a headband to tie the scarf on your head.

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