Buyers Guide: Things to know before buying a hospital bed

Hospital beds have a vital role in the medical field as it provides ease and comfort to the patient. China hospital bed wholesale is not for few specific patients; they have varieties and for all.

Lifting capacity

Now, raising or lowering down the patient is convenient and out of danger. You have to determine how much weight you propose to lift with your medical bed. King and Queen hospital Beds typically have higher lifting capacities than Full size and smaller Twin medical beds.

Remote Control

Since you are using the hospital bed for an older adult, you may want an easy-to-control bed. Go for a remote control that is easy to use for the patient. In most examples, it is a wireless remote control much, such as the TV remote. A hospital bed is best for paralyzed patients, as they can move by operating their bed from a remote.

Adjustable Mattress

Suppose you get a china hospital bed wholesale that does not come with a mattress. It confirms that you order an adjustable mattress that fits your medical bed. Most doctors recommend a medicated mattress for patients. The universal rule is to avoid mattresses with springs that are less flexible than foam mattresses. Hospital beds with medicated mattresses provide muscles and bone strength. This combination delivers comfortably with other ease.


Find a seller that offers good manufacturer warranties since these hospital beds are very mechanical and last long. You can save money by getting a bed with a guarantee not to spend a lot of money on reparation and maintenance.

Multi-Angle and Reclining Bed Functionality

The best hospital beds have reclining measurements and multi-angle functionalities or both. These deliver convenience for watching TV or reading a book and are great for adjusting the position of your upper body and legs.

Dual Adjustable Bed/Dual Control

You need to find a medical bed that you can use for multiple sleepers if you use it for two seniors. Some hospitals prefer dual control beds. It will make it easy to organize each side of the bed according to every person’s preferences. You can have it at your home if you have your grandparents at your home.

Wallhugger Engineering

It is an essential technology to have. The purpose is when you push the button to lift the upper body part of the frame. It reverses and moves the edge close behind the patient and closer to the bedside table somewhat than away from it.

Sizes and Dimensions

The hospital beds are according to the patient’s conditions and requirements. You can also place your order if you want some specific features. For instance, if the patient has spinal cord pain, you can add the bed’s central raise.

Hospital beds are more extensive than conventional beds due to all the features. You have to determine the size and dimension of the medical bed you need to get suitable bedding and sheets. For example, you can make changes on the medical bed according to the patient height and weight.

Massage Features or Adjustable Massage Beds

The most modern china hospital bed wholesale comes with extra features like heat and massagers. It is excellent if you or the senior using the medical bed have circulation problems or chronic back pain.

Adjustable medical Bed Frames (Non-Electronic)

The non-electric medical beds have been famous for a long go. Before these remote control hospital beds, the manually adjustable bed frames offer ease of comfort.

If you have an older with mobility issues, you can have manually adjustable beds. They are inexpensive and require far less maintenance than electric medical adjustable beds.

Extra Features

You can find an adjustable bed from the china hospital bed wholesale market. They come with convenience features that permit you to unwind and relax in your electric bed. These features include massage, built-in speakers, heating, Bluetooth, and adjustable legs to make entry and exit easier.

Semi-Electric or Full-electric Hospital bed | what to select

Semi-Electric Hospital Beds

A semi-electric hospital bed has an electric motor with a button push. So, the patient can adjust his head and feet and quickly change positions. The medical bed with the engine is more expensive than manual hospital beds. Nevertheless, they are more accessible for the caregiver to adjust feet and head positions. This semi-electric bed is convenient and cost-friendly when you are buying for your home use. However, the semi-electric hospital bed still comes with manual height controls. You need less maintenance for it. The bed is fine if the patient does not want too frequent changes in the height of the bed.

Full Electric Hospital Beds

Now it comes to a hospital bed, it is one of the most technologically innovative hospital beds. The manufacturers typically connect o an electrical outlet, then you can operate it with a remote. The motor makes it easy to change the patient’s lower and upper body segments and height. It is the most convenient bed for the caregiver. Therefore, the electrical bed is best if the patient wants the caregiver to lower and raise the bed often to get out and in. It also consumes more electricity than a semi-electric medical bed. While it is pricey, the electric bed is the best option for all hospital beds.

Is it acceptable to purchase a Used Hospital bed?

China hospital bed wholesale gives you a lot of profits that it may seem worthwhile to get second hand if you do not have enough money to buy new. However, several considerations you can consider before you buy a used hospital bed. The following are some considerations when you opt for a used one:

Compromise on Quality

The susception of breakdowns and faults is common if you buy a used electric bed. You have to compromise on quality as used adjustable beds are not in the best condition since they have faced damage after years of use. Buying a new china hospital bed guarantees that you get it when it is in top shape and a warranty.

Hygiene and safety concerns

If you have safety, health, or cleanliness concerns, you cannot opt for the used electric bed. You do not know who was using the hospital bed before you and what infectious disease the user might have had. As such it may be better to buy a new hospital bed.

Limited availability

You may feel hard to find a used hospital bed that you like, given that these beds were in long-term use and there are not that several floating around. You will have a minimal choice in the type and quality of hospital bed and mattress that you can get.

Repair and Maintenance Costs

One of the prime motives for buying a new hospital bed is repairing and maintenance. When you buy any electric device, you have to focus on each pin-pointers. You must do good searching and know your requirements before purchasing medical beds, either used or new.

Usually, you cannot find used medical beds in good condition. You have to spend lots of your money on unforeseen repair and maintenance prices. Furthermore, you cannot add any feature in the used ones.

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