UCM Upholstery Cleaning VS. DIY Cleaning

Just like any other furnishing, your carpets need to get cleaned daily. With the help of UCM Upholstery Cleaning Washington DC, you can get them cleaned professionally. This will enhance the lifetime of the carpets while improving their appearance. Simultaneously, making your home healthier and positive.

Yet, still, there are a lot of homeowners who are exactly not sure about the ways for cleaning their carpets. Most of them try to take the help of DIY carpet cleaning and end up getting into some of the other medical conditions. On the other hand, your carpet won’t even get cleaned as much as you would like. This approach can sometimes damage your carpet and dull its appearance.


In our daily life, we clean most of the things with the help of a soap/ detergent combined with water but one of the major exceptions is carpets and rugs. The fibers of carpets and rugs and delicate and softly attached to a delicate pad, a harsh wash with harsh chemicals can damage the fibers. This is the same in the case of carpet cleaners and detergents, excess uses of them can also damage the fibers.

If you are cleaning your carpet with soap and water, the abundance of use of them can leave your carpets soggy and may take days to dry. In the meantime, the fibers get moist and may invite mold and bacteria to settle on them. In some cases, soap may is present in the carpet itself, resulting in a sticky and unpleasant residue that tends to attract dirt. Till your carpet gets dry it may not be clean as much as you wished it should have.

It is advisable to rent for a steam cleaner rather than using soap and water, mostly for the soiled areas of the carpets and rugs. This may look like a lot of expense but in reality,, it is not rather more cost-effective than any of the other approaches while giving optimal results. This may have its disadvantages as the excess use of them may also lead to dulling the fiber of your carpets. It may take few days to get completely dry.

Before opting for any DIY make sure that the fiber of your carpet does not get damaged or shrunk.

Professional Upholstery Cleaners Washington DC

Why Opt for a Professional Carpet Cleaning

From the above section, you have to know some of the risks of DIY carpet cleaning. One of the best ways of getting your carpets cleaned is with the help of professionals. Most carpet cleaning companies have an innovative way to dirt and dust particles from carpets instantly. Rather than taking days for your carpet to get dried you can opt for a professional cleaner and get it done easily.

By using powerful machinery, your carpets will get deep-cleaned within few jetx hours. The best part is that around 80-85% less water is consumable during the process, unlike the traditional steam cleaning process. After getting cleaned by professionals you will get a clean and healthy carpet. The ideal choice is to opt for a UCM Upholstery Cleaning.

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