How to Convert PST Files to PDF in a Simple Way?

PDF files are simple to manage and print, and they’re safer than most other file types. That is why files in other formats are converted to PDF. Let’s take a closer look at one of these conversions: Convert PST files to PDF with attachments. And many users try to use the Automated method to convert PST to PDF with the attached files.

What are The Advantages of Converting PST to PDF?

There are numerous benefits to convert PST Files to PDF, some of which are listed below.

  • Users can now access Outlook emails without using the Outlook application or the PST file.
  • The PDF file is platform-independent and can be read by any PDF reader, which is not the case with the Outlook PST file.
  • PDF files are simple to store and transfer from one place to another.
  • Mobile devices can read PDF files.
  • With the use of permissions and passwords, converting Outlook emails to PDF format makes data more secure.
  • The data in the Outlook PST file is backed up in PDF files.
  • Converting PST files to PDF files is a convenient way to share PST data with someone who doesn’t have Outlook.

There are a Few Manual Methods for Converting Outlook PST to PDF.

The Microsoft Print to PDF feature in Microsoft Outlook and the Adobe Acrobat plugin in Microsoft Outlook are the two native ways to convert PST files to PDF format. Let’s take a look at the steps in both of these procedures.

Before performing the manual procedures outlined below, it recommends that you make a backup copy of your PST file.

Using Outlook’s Print to PDF Feature to Convert Emails to PDF

  • Open the Outlook program. Select the emails you want to PDF from the desired PST mailbox folder.
  • Then select File? Print. Choose the Microsoft Print to PDF option. Check the preview of the selected emails as well as the other settings, then select Print.
  • A dialogue box titled Save Print Output As will appear, allowing you to name and save the converted PDF file.
  • Emails that have been converted will be saved to the specified location.

Note: To resolve printing issues in various MS Outlook versions, see Printing Issues in Different MS Outlook Versions.

  • Using the Adobe Acrobat plugin to convert PST emails to PDF.
  • It is important to note that the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC application must install on the computer.
  • Launch Outlook, then select the Adobe PDF tab from the top ribbon.
  • Select the emails from the mailbox folder, then click the Selected Messages option to choose to Create New PDF from the drop-down list.
  • Give the file a name and a location to save it. Then, to save the converted PDF file to the specified location, click Save.

Do you want to Convert PST to PDF in Flash? – Make use of this Resource.

As can be seen from the above discussion, both manual solutions require the use of the installed Microsoft Outlook application, and one method even requires the installation of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, which not every user can afford. Furthermore, the procedures are tedious, time-consuming, and inflexible. There is an alternative solution – PST to PDF converter – to overcome these limitations.

FreeViewer PST to PDF is a totally free application that precisely converts PST files to PDF files. The conversion of selected items or folders to PDF file format, along with the original metadata and properties, requires only the Outlook PST file (no Outlook application installation is required). The tool automatically converts selected PST emails or folders to PDF format. It works on all Windows OS versions and does not change the structure of the mailbox items. A Search option is integrating for the automatic search of PST files on system drives, and a PDF password encryption option is also available to users to protect converted PDF files.


Given the importance and necessity of converting Outlook emails to PDF format, we’ve discussed two manual methods: using Microsoft Print to PDF or using the Adobe Acrobat plugin; each method has its own set of drawbacks. As a result, we’ve recommended FreeViewer PST to PDF as the best alternative.

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