5 Surprising Industries That Need Graphic Designs The Most

Almost all industries need graphic design. After all, every business needs a logo, business cards, websites, brochures, signages, and a host of other visuals.

But not all industries have the same high levels of demands for graphic designs. Many of them come up with the design requirements only occasionally. They may not be offering a consistent flow of work to graphic designers. If you look to work as part of their in-house team, they are unlikely to provide you with a permanent job. 

So, graphic designers should pick industries that cannot do without the services of graphic designers. Such sectors depend on the use of graphic design for their growth. They have a big team of graphic designers and hire freelance designers to deal with the extra workload. 

If you have rich experience in graphic design, the chances are that such organizations in some select industries may hire your services. 

You can gauge the soaring demand for graphic designers from the stats that the graphic design industry ranks at the 9th spot globally for business activities. 

However, to make a fruitful career out of your graphic design skills, you should work with some industries which use graphic designs regularly.    

These are the top five industries where graphic design is needed the most:

Advertising and Marketing

Advertising and marketing industries require the services of graphic designers the most. Besides hiring graphic designers as part of their in-house team, they also need more designers as freelancers. An overwhelming number of design agencies require freelance designers to supplement their regular staff. They can hire such designers as consultants and repetitive artists. 

Marketing can’t work without the services of graphic designers. Graphic design is the base for all creative activities, such as designing a logo in different versions, brochures, business cards, websites, and a wide range of other marketing materials. Also, the marketing industry requires graphic designers to create visually appealing websites, blog pages, social media post templates, motion graphics, etc. 

Since these are highly creative industries, they avoid using software such as a logo maker tool. Instead, they rely on the creative ideas of professional graphic designers. 

Packaging and Manufacturing

Product packaging and manufacturing are two areas where graphic designers contribute a lot. They are required to create branding and messaging in such a way that products become attractive to customers. 

Packaging is about wrapping a product with an impressive visual covering. That is because the customers primarily identify a product based on the impression they get from the packaging design. The designers use specific colors, fonts, shapes, images, etc., to make packaging unique. So, an attractive packaging design is among the chief reasons customers pick a product from the shelf. 

Manufacturers hire graphic designers to make products appear salable. Some products must have a user manual, which the designers should precisely create for users to understand how a product operates. Graphic designers create those instructions and drawings for the product to install or simply put together. They use some unique design ideas, and so a set graphic design template may not work here. 

Also, manufacturers need the services of graphic designers to design eCommerce sites. They also require designers to create brochures and catalogs of products.

Magazine and Textbook Publishing

Magazine and text publishing is another massive industry where graphic design plays a crucial role in making an impression on the readers. You tell a story in magazines and books effectively after highlighting it with designs. A book cover design depicts what is inside the pages, making readers curious to buy. 

Think of a randomly designed book. The chances are that people won’t buy such a book as they do not know what the book is all about. Thousands of books get published daily, and all of them need graphic designs to make covers presentable to potential buyers. 

Magazines need graphic designs even more. Magazine Right from the magazine cover to each inner page requires the services of the designers. There are thousands of magazines on a stall with unique covers. Similarly, textbook publishers also hire graphic designers to create the cover and inner pages. 

However, instead of hiring in-house designers, most magazine and textbook publishers have switched to freelancer designers. They want to reduce their costs on paying weekly salaries and benefits, giving jobs to freelancers. 

Mobile App Design

Every business wishes to have its site for mobile phones since most people search and buy using smartphones today. So, mobile app designing helps companies promote their products or services online for mobile phone users. But the designing is not just about building apps for businesses. It also involves creating games for cell phones. 

A reason why graphic designers must be part of mobile app designing is that they make the apps user-friendly and agile. Since mobile phones have smaller screens, graphic designers make scanning much easier for the users. 

UX Design

User experience, known chiefly as UX, is about making websites user-friendly. When visiting a website, the user must navigate through its pages smoothly. Its content must be scannable, and images should contribute to the user experience. A graphic designer assesses what the user experience of a website will look like for the target audience. 

Since the website design business is growing faster, it automatically results in increasing demand for UX designers. 

The job of a UX designer is to make a digital design for apps and websites accessible. The designer does that by identifying the users’ needs, behaviors, goals, and pain points. So, the UX design helps solve a problem for the user. 

The UX designing includes creating site maps and wireframes or prototypes. A designer adds visual or interfaces elements to design for a better user experience.

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Wrapping Up 

Graphic design is essential to many industries. Some fulfill it by hiring graphic designers or by using template designs. But advertising and marketing, product packaging and manufacturing, magazine and textbook publishing, mobile app designing, and UX design are amongst the most prominent sectors using graphic design.

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