Shared IP vs Dedicated IP addresses, What is best?

While walking through the Web hosting packages, you definitely have come across the words shared IP and dedicated address. Also, many web hosting companies have listed unlimited dedicated IP addresses as the noticeable feature in their web hosting services plans. However, many people don’t know what they are and where are they are being used even when they have purchased them. So, if you are confused about Shared IP vs Dedicated IP addresses, you have come to the right place.

Here is a step-by-step interpretation of both configurations. Let’s starts with.

What is an IP Address?

IP is an abbreviation of “Internet Protocol,” and it refers to the address consisting of numerical numbers divided by periods between them. For example, can be an IP address.

The Internet is a deep sea of information, and undefined devices are logging in even in seconds to access that information. What the devices search the web needs to send the information back. So the web needs to know and differentiate between the devices.

Thus, an IP is a unique address assigned to the devices that are communicating using the Internet. Remember web streamlines the communication using the IPs so the device can be any of the computers, hosting server, etc.

Well, it is somehow difficult to remember the address (most of them are large and complicated) every time. Thus, even behind every domain name, there is an IP address. The domain works well for humans, while IP address works well for the browsers, web, and devices. For instance, to point your domain to your server, set up the DNS, change any settings, etc., you need to know the server’s IP address.

In addition to the above, two types of IP addresses are in use at present, namely IPv4 and IPv6.

Dedicated IP Address

Dedicated IP is the one that is solely assigned to you, and not any device or domain is using the same IP address.

Shared IP Address

On the contrary, shared IP is the one that is not unique to a domain; instead is shared by many domains.

Now we will draw a comparison.

Shared IP vs Dedicated IP Addresses 


When it comes to emails, dedicated IP addresses do have an edge in terms of reliability, speed, and more. As a result, the businesses that have to send emails in bulk – more than 10,000 per year – having a dedicated IP becomes more of an excellent assistant. Similarly, those who do not have to cross up to 10,000 emails can easily manage with shared IP.

So depending on your need and choice, you can opt for a dedicated IP address for your domain by purchasing from the web hosting agency.

  • SEO performance

Neither of the IP addresses has any influence on the visibility and ranking of the website. The website performance, content, design itself should be good to surface to the top positions on SERP.

  • SSL certificate 

To secure your web hosting server communication with the browsers, SSL is the best solution. However, it was necessary to have an IP address to install and utilize the SSL back in the day. Also, the security concerns behind the shared IPs were one reason not to use shared IP. Nonetheless, the days have gone, at present, both shared and dedicated IP works efficiently for the SSL.

  • Price

Finally, it is about price where both IP types have a difference. Obviously, dedicated IP costs you more than the shared as you want a resource dedicated to you. But, still and all, on average, it can be around a few dollars to $100 per month or above. Moreover, the costs of dedicated IP and shared IP vary with the hosting provider.

Final Words!

As far as this question is concerned, which is best and whether to use a dedicated IP address or a shared IP address is somehow controversial. But we hope Shared IP vs Dedicated IP addresses won’t be complex anymore. People decide on what they hear and read on the Internet. From above, you can see, only and only if you have to send a large volume of emails, dedicated IP suits you best. Otherwise, both are viable to go with and keep rolling your web hosting companies  and website needs.

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