What To Do If You Have One Arm Bigger Than The Other?

First of all, don’t worry. There is nothing abnormal about physical asymmetry. You can deal with the size difference in several ways if it is a problem for you.

The greatest improvement can be achieved through unilateral exercises, which involve movements for each arm separately. Exercises involving barbells and resistance machines utilize both arms simultaneously, resulting in imbalances in muscles when one arm is more active than the other. Read this healthyell guide to find out;

What should I do if one arm is bigger than the other?

Get to know your compensation.

To begin, it’s important to become aware of your compensations and become in tune with your body. During hammer curls, you can lean against a wall if you have a tendency to let your back run the show. In this way, you avoid the tendency to make swing movements that transfer movement from your biceps to your traps.

Identify imbalances and improve opportunities with self-recorded videos or by working with a coach. Bicep exercises can also be done in front of a mirror for improved results.

Use Unilateral Exercises.

Unilateral exercises are among the most effective ways to even out biceps. Alternatively, isolate the biceps on each side by working one arm at a time. Use more single-arm exercises and switch out your barbell curls for dumbbell curls.

This way, your strong arm will not pick up the slack caused by your weak arm. In order to build strength and muscle mass over time on the weak arm, you can also tweak your training and do a few more repetitions on it.

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Use Resistance Bands.

You can also balance your biceps out by replacing weights with resistance bands. You may notice when curling with a dumbbell that the weight seems much lighter at the top. 

A band will provide more resistance at the top of the concentric portion of the movement. Conversely, it will ease the eccentric portion of the movement. You can flip or invert the strength curve to make your biceps more balanced.

Bilateral movements should be performed with your weaker side. 

You should engage your weaker arm as much as your stronger one when lifting barbells or other equipment that works both of your arms simultaneously. Make sure the weight is evenly distributed over both arms and consider how your muscles feel. You can prevent potential injuries by exercising mindfully.

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Work out without twisting or rotating your body. 

When you do a set, your body could compensate by twisting your core or shoulder. Don’t let your torso bend or twist during exercise if one arm is stronger than the other. You should remain upright when doing shoulder presses with a dumbbell, for instance.


It is not unusual for one arm to be larger than the other, especially for people new to regular training and exercise. If you find you have an imbalance in your arms, ensure you exhaust your smaller arm with unilateral exercises. The asymmetry should eventually resolve if you do this consistently.

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