What is Yoga Alliance Certification & Its Significance?

Yoga is no longer a sacred practice. Rather, the commercialization of yoga led to various complications for yoga practitioners. They need to choose every element of yoga with extreme caution. Why? To ensure they don’t practice the wrong yoga style or get the wrong certification. Hence, to overcome everything, the Yoga Alliance certification comes into action.

Let’s explore what is the significance of the Yoga Alliance certification. However, before that, make sure you understand what does it mean. Read on.

Yoga Alliance Certification: A Brief Introduction

The Yoga Alliance certification is a credential given by the Yoga Alliance to yoga practitioners who have completed a yoga teacher training course. However, the catch is that you should graduate from the training course from a Yoga Alliance registered yoga school.

Moreover, it is to ensure that the yoga practitioner is qualified to teach yoga anywhere in the world. There are many requirements that you need to fulfill to get the Yoga Alliance certification.

Significance of Yoga Alliance Certification

With that said, let us know why is it so important to get the certification. Keep reading.

Worldwide Access

Different parts of the world require different certifications to teach yoga. Some even need special licensees to become yoga teachers. However, with the Yoga Alliance certification, you are exempted from all of this.

You can teach and preach yoga in any part of the world with just the Yoga Alliance certification. Therefore, you get worldwide access to teach yoga. It saves your time and money to get certifications or licenses related to a particular region.

Outrun the Competition

The demand for yoga teachers has grown over a couple of years. Not just that, thousands of yoga teachers are there to cater to yoga practitioners. This increases the competition to get hired.

However, with the help of Yoga certification, you can outrun the competition. How? Well, yoga practitioners having the certification are given the first preference. This ensures that you get the job from thousands of applicants without the certification.

Improves Credibility

Knowledge is available at a click. People use this opportunity to learn and practice yoga. However, they lack the deep knowledge that you get at a yoga school.

So, to ensure there are genuine yoga teachers, the need for the Yoga Alliance certification grows. A practitioner having a yoga certification is deemed fit to teach. This improves your credibility as a certified yoga teacher.

Genuine Clients

Many practitioners enroll in a yoga school under the influence of a friend or someone they saw. That does not make them a reliable client. Rather, sooner or later, such yoga practitioners quit in the first week of their practice.

So, to ensure you get genuine clients, the Yoga Alliance plays a major role. When you earn the certification, you become a member of the Yoga Alliance. Hence, you get access to the list of people who are serious about their yoga practice.

Master Yoga Styles

Different yoga styles are there to facilitate yoga practitioners with different goals. You get access to all such courses only when you join a Yoga Alliance certification course. Thus, to become a master of different yoga styles, you need to choose the Yoga Alliance certification training.

By the time your course completes, you become familiar with different types of yoga styles. It helps you explore more so that you choose the one that is best suited for you. Furthermore, you learn about different yoga styles that increase your yoga knowledge.

Online Visibility

Everything is going digital these days. Similarly, your image as a yoga teacher is valuable when you have a strong online existence. That is what the Yoga Alliance also helps you with.

You get listed on the online directories of the Yoga Alliance. This way, you are presented as a certified yoga teacher to the practitioners interested in learning yoga from you. Hence, you get a perfect start to your career as a yoga teacher with the help of the Yoga Alliance.

Sum Up

Whether you choose a 200 hour or a 500 hour yoga teacher training course, the Yoga Alliance helps you in every case. So, you should choose a yoga school registered with the Yoga Alliance to become its member and get all the perks of being a certified member.

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