CBD Lotion Boxes: How to Add Eccentric Features

The CBD Lotion Boxes industry is booming, and it’s no surprise that companies are scrambling to get in on the action. But while some have been successful with their CBD Lotion Boxes, others have not yet found a way to differentiate themselves from the competition.


CBD lotions have a lot of potentials to be interesting and unique.

Without eccentric features, your CBD lotion will just blend in with the crowd—and that’s not good for sales or branding. The best way to avoid this is by adding some sort of design element to your packaging. Eccentric designs ensure that customers notice you from across the room—which can lead them right towards those big cash registers at checkout time! Let’s take a look at what kinds of things actually work as far as package aesthetics go:

Nowadays, people are drawn more so to bold colors than they are pastel tones. So if you want something eye-grabbing on your product, stick with rich hues like turquoise blue and green instead of pale blues or pinks.


In addition, don’t forget to make sure you have a balanced color palette on your product packaging. Many of the most successful products out there tend to keep their colors consistent throughout every piece of design element—from the logo and text down to images and background shading! For example:


If not done correctly, it can be easy for people’s eyes to get distracted from what you’re actually trying to sell them because they’ll start focusing too much on all those different vibrant hues instead.


What do you need?

As mentioned above, wholesale custom lotion box packaging is pretty simple. You will probably already have everything you need at home or in the office! But it’s always good to be prepared for any eventuality. So here is a list of what we recommend:

A printer (to print out your design) Pencil Scissors Tape Glue Sticky notes Paper Hole punch Ruler Cutting mat x-acto knife Instructions on how to make your eccentric product stand out from all others can be found below. Just remember that not every idea is going to work as planned.

And oftentimes things don’t go according to plan anyway but don’t let this stop you from carrying on. Keep at it until you get the desired result. If your cannabis packaging is not turning out as originally intended, don’t be discouraged – simply try again in a slightly different way next time around.


A lot of people are looking for CBD Lotion Boxes, but not all of them know what they’re getting into. The first step is to figure out the eccentric features that you want on your packaging.

What colors do you want? Do you want a design or text on it? You need to be specific about these things before moving forward with anything else because this will help decide how much money you’ll spend and the quality of your product.

Make your CBD lotion box stand out:

There are many ways that you can make your CBD lotion box stand out. One way is using a different shape. You may want to explore square, rectangular, triangular, or circular shapes.

Another way to differentiate your product from the rest of the market is by adding an eccentric feature to the packaging design. For example, you might want to add bright colors or geometric images on top of a plain background color like white or black.


CBD lotions are becoming more and more popular with people for their therapeutic benefits. If you’re looking to sell CBD lotion products, then you need to find a way to stand out from the competition. One way is by adding eccentric features on your packaging that will be sure to catch someone’s eye.


Packaging professionals can help you create unique CBD lotion packaging that will be sure to grab a customer’s attention. Some ideas include adding bright colors or geometric images on top of a plain background color like white or black.

You could even use textured paper for the outside and an intricate label design for your bottom box under the lid. There are many options available when it comes to designing new eccentric features for CBD lotion boxes.

Though some may think there aren’t many ways you can make changes to this item, they would be wrong! Packaging professionals know how much room is really available in order to customize every aspect of the package.

From cover art all the way down to font style and color schemes used throughout each product description. This means that no two packages need to look the same.


In order to keep your CBD lotion boxes from looking too monotonous, it’s a good idea to always try and add something new and unique every few months or so. This is especially useful when you have products that are all part of one line. But not related at all aside from their packaging design style (i.e., if each product has its own unique name).

In this situation, it’s helpful to take inspiration from other companies’ designs for different aspects. Such as lids, bottom boxes underneath the lid etcetera.

Continuity within your company logo or existing label design scheme.


While there isn’t much room available on these packages, thanks to their small size.  The packaging itself can also double as a promotional product!

If you want to save on costs and don’t mind spending some extra time with your order. You could have the same design printed onto other surfaces such as t-shirts, water bottles, mugs, etc.


This is especially useful if you’re planning to hold an event or giveaway. Where it’s likely that most of the attendants would appreciate free giveaways instead of just receiving coupons or something similar. While this idea wouldn’t work for all products (I doubt anyone would find custom CBD condoms very practical).

I think it’d make sense for something like body care items like cream sachets.


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