Yogi’s Blueprint On Transitioning From a Newbie to Yoga Pro

Tired of practicing the same yoga asanas? Do you want to move to the next level and share this ancient art with others? Well, it is time you look for the best yoga training schools to fulfill your dream. However, it is easier said than done. Your decision to become a certified yoga instructor requires a lot of dedication and resources.

You have to be fully dedicated to the course till the very end. To become a yoga instructor is not all about teaching asanas and Pranayama. You have to be a role model for others in the class and inspire them to not just be the best at yoga but in life. Perhaps, the first step should be to find the best yoga school to kickstart this journey to greatness.

Step-by-Step Guide to Finding the Best Yoga School

Given below are some tips from yoga experts to help you find the best yoga school.

1. Choose a Yoga Style

The first thing you have to do before setting foot inside a yoga school is choose a yoga style. Yoga is a vast art that has evolved in a number of styles over the years. Therefore, it is important that you choose a style that you are comfortable in learning and teaching in the long run. Enroll in the best yoga training in India to know and practice the different yoga styles.

2. Ask Around

You should ask around for any good yoga studios or schools providing lessons in the chosen yoga style. Connect with individuals who are into yoga practice no matter their level of theoretical or practical information. This will help you get an idea on the next step to take on this path to becoming a certified yoga teacher.

3. Pay a Visit

Before signing on an enrollment form, you should visit the yoga school. Pay attention to how the overall atmosphere feels like, is the yoga school modern or traditional, and what kind of vibes you get. You should also ask the staff to show you the classroom.

You can talk to the staff and ask about their YTT schedule to see if it fits yours. Remember, this will be your yoga paradise for a long time so visiting the yoga school is always the right decision.

4. Look for Introductory Classes

If the yoga school matches to what you have in mind, let the staff know and ask for an introductory class. Be honest with your experience in yoga theory and practice to get the right trial class. You should look for the best yoga schools in India to connect with highly experienced yoga teachers and become a certified yoga teacher.

So, you have completed the yoga teacher training. Congratulations! You must be pumped up to teach the first yoga class and make a name for yourself.

Hold on! You might have accomplished a YTT from the best yoga schools in India but there are still a few things for you to learn.

Don’t worry! The steps mentioned below would help you kickstart a yoga teaching career.

1. Start Small

To help you build the confidence to teach a larger group, first start with a small batch. You can also give a few yoga sessions to friends and family. Moreover, providing free yoga sessions at parks or other outdoor areas would help you gain teaching experience.

2. Form a Network

Remember, simply completing the YTT from the best yoga training schools does not guarantee you a job as yoga teacher. The yoga teacher training is also your chance to form a solid social network and connect with other yoga teachers.

Do an in-depth research on the market to know what aspects of yoga teacher are more in demand. This helps you connect with individuals who carry that knowledge and can help you move ahead on this journey.

3. Rehearse the Class By Yourself

Before you decide to conduct a yoga session, rehearse the yoga sequence by yourself. Keep note of where you are going wrong and pay attention to the tone of your voice and choice of words. Do not include too much of knowledge into one yoga session.

4. Keep It Slow

Your class will have a variety of students, from a beginner to an advanced practitioner. Remember your days as a student in the YTT. Now, as a yoga teacher you have to be patient with the students in your class. You should enroll in the best yoga schools in India to help others learn and practice this spiritual art with ease.

With these guidelines, you will become a certified and experienced yoga teacher in the time to come.


Want to transition from a yoga beginner to a teacher? You should follow the steps laid down in this guide to become the best yoga instructor. However, make sure you enroll in the best yoga schools in India to acquire complete and authentic knowledge of this ancient art.

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