Significance of Flower Garlands in India Wedding

Flower Garlands of Wedding Rituals in India

Sweet food, beautiful dress, lively family, beautiful and joyful and endless pleasure are the ones that define the best wedding in India. This is the learning of the best wedding planners in Jaipur; they explain the importance of wreaths of wedding pictures in India. Here are some significance of flower garlands of wedding rituals in India.

An Indian wedding has a special entertaining ceremony to share wreaths called JAIMALA. What makes an Indian wedding perfect? There is no Indian wedding that is considered perfect for the groom with the Jamala flowers that are woven together. The exchange of Jaipur is the feeling of the bride and groom.

Significance of Flower Garlands of Wedding

When wedding planners meet people from different cultures and communities, so they know every story behind the ceremony.

Wedding ceremonies in India

The ceremony makes the marriage more meaningful

Small and important ceremonies make marriage more meaningful. As a result, one of the most important ceremonies of an Indian wedding is the exchange of varmala or bouquets in plain English. Garlands have an amazing history in Indian weddings. Now let’s talk more about this.

The Importance of Wreaths for Wedding Ceremonies in India to Complete a Wedding

There is no Indian wedding that is considered perfect for the groom with the Jamala flowers that are woven together. Also, the spiritual mythology of the Hindus there are many stories that explain the significance after the whole ceremony. Here are a few stories that happen to be behind the wreath-sharing ceremony at Indian weddings.

What is Varmala?

The word Varmala means a bouquet for the groom. As this is ancient times; it accepts the marriage proposal from the bride. Rituals find their roots in various ancient Scriptures and ancient spiritual books. Yet in Gandharva Vivah, the marriage of extraterrestrial beings, marriage was conserved by the exchange of Varmala.

Jaime is an important part of every marriage

Jaimala is a colorful flower that blooms with a pleasant scent. They are made of bright flowers so that the visual impact on the human mind is eternal. Although it is very difficult to combine a bunch of flowers, people still prefer their appearance and aroma.

Bouquets at Indian weddings are healthy and beautiful

Typically, rose or jasmine is used to create it with small, shiny jewelry. The smell of roses and the charm of Jasmine Garland at the Indian wedding made her healthy and beautiful, even after a few hours of keeping or having different family rules. At the same time, people are also choosing artificial Varmala. They are usually made of it

  • Fabric
  • flowers
  • Foil
  • Small jewelry

Some decorative parts

Recently, they are gaining popularity because they are easy to process, do not destroy easily. As they are a better choice than domestic bouquets.

The use of Varmala in the past

In the past, a girl usually chose a groom who wore a bouquet of flowers around his neck at a ceremony called Swayamwar. As a result, mention is mentioned in many ancient books and epics that are recorded as Ramayana. In Ramayana, Sita placed a bouquet of flowers on the neck of the god Ram after breaking the bow, which was her symbol, which welcomed her husband. The most chosen place for a wedding in India is Jaipur. Here are some tips on planning a destination wedding in Jaipur.

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