Athena Health Software a Complete Package?

In 2019, a new athenahealth was established by combining two firms with decades of healthcare technology experience: athenahealth, Inc. and Virence Health. They have a significant, countrywide footprint with their combined technology, insight, skills, and client base. As a result, they are ideally positioned to uncover and comprehend healthcare data from throughout the country.

Athena Health searches out — and removes — barriers to a better healthcare experience by expanding their revenue cycle management, clinical record, and patient engagement offerings, as well as opening their network to additional partners, care locations, and providers.

Athena Health aims to help clinicians provide excellent care and decrease their screen time. Let’s take a look at how Athena EMR achieves this by going over its features and pricing. Moreover, its reviews will reveal to us whether Athena is successful in achieving its goals. 

Athena Health Features

Athena EMR comes equipped with all the bells and whistles that are expected from a modern EHR system. 

  • EHR

When you use athenahealth electronic health records service, you can be confident that you’re getting a cloud-based medical records service that intuitively organizes the patient visit, helps you document faster and more accurately, and sets your practice up for future success. Whether you’re a small practice or an extensive healthcare system.

Athena Health EHR enables you to;

  • Improve clinical efficiency. Save time with intuitive workflows and automation. With real-time data and insights, you’ll be able to provide better care. 
  • Coordination care. Interoperability lets you exchange information with other sites and add it directly to the patient’s chart.
  • Make documentation more efficient. Pre-encounter preparation and customizable workflows allow you to spend less time on paperwork. 
  • Patient Engagement of Athena Health

Patients nowadays expect digital interactions to be convenient in almost every aspect of their lives. You can provide that experience to your patients while simultaneously lowering your practice’s burden with athenahealth’s patient engagement tools and services, such as automated messaging services, appointment reminders, and more. 

With athena health patient engagement services, you get;

  • Automated messages. Patients receive automated notifications for appointments, billing, and follow-up care. 
  • Patient portal. Patients can schedule appointments, view test results, access forms, and make co-payments through the patient portal. All this leads to a lesser number of no-shows.
  • Telehealth. With athenaTelehealth, patients and providers can connect in meaningful ways. Moreover, appointments and follow-up sessions can be had online. 
  • Call support. Athena’s live support gives patients the ability to manage appointments and billing over the phone. 
  • Engagement at scale. Identify gaps in care and launch tailored outreach campaigns without having to worry about finding the messages, channels, and timing as all that is taken care of from Athena’s end. 
  • Billing and Revenue Cycle Management 

The revenue cycle management system from athenahealth provides complete visibility into performance while helping practitioners increase collections and be paid sooner with less labor. athenaIDX revenue cycle management solution is tailored to the needs of big practises health systems, billing services, and hospitals. Boosting automation, minimizing redundancies, and encouraging best practice workflows decrease A/R days and drives down collection costs.

  • Care coordination of Athena Health

Athenahealth offers a network of over 160,000 providers and makes interacting with internal and external teams seamless. With athenahealth’s care coordination, you’ll receive the following features;

  • Order transmission. It provides clean and clear orders without the need for follow-ups. 
  • Instant information sharing. Share HIPPA complaint information instantly amongst teams. 
  • Coordinate patient care. Coordinate patient payment plans directly through the patient chart. 

On top of all this, Athena has a mobile app allowing you to work on the go. 

Athena Health Reviews

Looking at a product’s reviews is a sure-fire way to determine whether the product delivers on the promises it makes to consumers. It also helps us manage our expectations, making us aware of possible drawbacks, flaws, and quirks. 

“Athena Health is a fantastic EMR database for clinicians.”

Pros: “great EMR database for clinicians Notetaking and clinical management skills are essential, covering orders, point-of-care communication with the physician and patient, radiological labs, bloodwork, vaccination schedules, and paperwork.”

Cons: “There isn’t much to criticize. I wish you could get to laboratories more easily through a point-of-care service.”

-Ryan M, Registered Nurse Supervisor

“May not be perfect, but it’s a superior system.”

Pros: “This assists the practice in ensuring that patients comply and follow through with testing, doctor’s visits, and so on.”

Cons: “Appointment reminders do not have an efficient means of providing appointment instructions. Patients constantly complain that they forgot to arrive early since they only paid attention to the last text reminder with the appointment time and no mention of a check-in time. In addition, the patient portal does not have an easy-to-remember website address.”

User in Hospital & Health Care

“Athena = User Friendly and Efficient”

Pros” Athena is straightforward, and even if you’re not familiar with it, I find all of the software’s interfaces and modules to be easy to manage. In addition, it works on both clinical and economic levels.”

Cons: “There isn’t much I dislike. However, the lag time when opening and modifying reports is unpleasant.”

Athena Health Pricing and Demos

Athena health provides a free 30-minute demo providing a quote. A basic license is priced at $140 per month per user. Billing services are charged at a rate of 4-7 percent of overall practice revenue. Their order transmission services range in price from $150 per month to $1.00-$0.45 per order, depending on the bundle selected. The average cost of data transfer is between $500 and $10,000, and the cost of migrating over a million records is $25,000. Custom integration with several systems can range in price from $2500 to $25,000. Depending on the number of sessions, staff training might cost between $500 and $5,000.

Final Words About Athena Health

AthenaHealth is a solid EHR solution. It offers everything you need and then some. Pricing is reasonable, although it’s not budget-friendly. Reviews are mostly positive. However, some users have felt that athenahealth is a little overpriced. 

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