The Importance of Washing Hands

Handwashing is one of the basic health care and hygiene practices. We teach children from a very young age to wash their hands properly. Although it’s not anything complex, you still have to wash your hands in a proper way to make sure that the purpose of handwashing is being fulfilled. After the outbreak of the pandemic, there has been a lot of stress about handwashing by the healthcare authorities. The spread of viruses and other contagious diseases can be avoided by practicing proper handwashing.

Germs that cause infections, bacteria, and viruses are everywhere and they travel from one place to another. You can prevent the spread of such viruses by using antibacterial handwashes. If the hands are dirty and we touch computer keyboards, laptops, phones, pens, etc. the germs travel. In this way, we can spread a potential infection by not washing our hands properly. There are several hand wash stations used, installed by the government to decrease the spread of infection and make it possible for people to wash their hands adequately when they are out.

Here are some benefits of proper handwashing:

Keeps Your Workplace Healthy:

If you own a workplace, you know how readily a virus can spread in an office. People go to the same bathrooms, touch the same laptops, computers, and stationery, etc. it’s inevitable to avoid contact in a workplace. But if you have installed a washbasin or some kind of hand wash station in the office and your employees keep washing their hands after an adequate amount of time, you can reduce the spread of disease in an office.

It makes your workplace healthier and more hygienic and hence reducing sick days and keeping people in good health.

Less food-borne Illnesses:

Most food-borne illnesses are caused by improper hygiene practices. When there is no proper hygiene system installed in the kitchen or where food is served. At restaurant kitchens and home kitchens, it’s very important to install hand wash stations.

Low chances of spreading the virus:

Bacteria can thrive in very extreme conditions so if you don’t wash your hands, the bacteria can multiply and travel. They don’t die easily so it’s important you wash your hands properly with an antibacterial handwash. An antibacterial handwash kills bacteria effectively and if you keep washing your hands constantly after touching devices and before and after eating, you can reduce the chances of spreading the virus.

Keeps kids Healthy:

Handwashing practices in kids help the kids stay healthy and active. Kids are prone to diseases and infections since their immune systems are not fully developed so they can catch diseases like that. Having the kids wash their hands properly at adequate time intervals can help keep them healthy.


Handwashing may sound basic but it’s one of the most important and ancient hygiene practices around the world and we need to promote the practice of washing hands as much as we can for the sake of our own health and the safety of other people. By simply washing hands properly at regular intervals, you can prevent many diseases.

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