Long black coat for men how to choose and combine a casual coat

Long black coat for men how to choose and combine a casual coat

When winter arrives, there is more need of black sheepskin jacket we can’t help but feel a bit motivated by the idea of ​​the many elegant combinations that lend themselves to creating in this very cold climate. Because the best thing about the change of season is to be able to change our day-to-day a little.

Although each season brings news regarding men’s fashion; Innovative, avant-garde and original garments, we cannot avoid resorting to the classic, because no matter how much time passes, some garments are classic and a mandatory basic in the closet. But the best thing about these timeless garments is that they adapt very well to the most modern garments, allowing you to create very original combinations.

The top-rated classic men’s coats

The camel coat

One of my favorites for its versatility. It is very easy to combine with different types of garments and textures, whether they are more elegant, or more casual, the camel coat is usually a total success, especially in daylight hours. Try Women’s Suede Leather Trench Coat In Brown

black sheepskin jacket
black sheepskin jacket

This has made it the best option for daily use, to go to the office, a family outing, a Sunday outing, lunches, etc. Among the most modern combinations we have the camel coat with a sweatshirt instead of a shirt or flannel, it is very common to see this comfortable/casual outfit among the youngest, but also among those who seek comfort without looking unkempt. black sheepskin jacket

The spike coat

The most classic fabric of coats, both male and female. At first glance it is already recognized as an elegant coat and although we have seen it vary in types of cut, this year the long herringbone coat with a straight cut has triumphed. A style that makes it very masculine and bearable for any occasion. For this Coat See the Men Stylish Army Green Leather Overcoat.

black long coat mens
black long coat mens

It is perfect to take to the office, but it is also perfect for a night out. Even with a dark colored suit underneath, this coat still stands out and adds the last touch of elegance. Or you can try something simpler, like black dress pants, a white shirt, and a  black tie . Although the garments underneath sound very basic, the coat stands out and is what complements the whole outfit itself.

The plaid or plaid coat

It plays almost in the same vein as the herringbone coat. A classic among the classics that in turn stands out for the variety of patterns and colors, rather than for its cut, which although it may vary on certain occasions, almost never comes out of a straight men’s cut.

With this type of coats, fine knit jumpers and high neck go very well, and dress pants in dark tones, although we recommend that you take the colors of the coat pattern as a reference for contrast.

The double-breasted coat

The highest representation of elegance among coats. The favorite, without a doubt, is the wool coat, as it is the most warm material, it is perfect to wear on any occasion. visit to get black long coat mens.

As for color, the favorites are usually dark tones or, failing that, different shades of gray, which, being very neutral colors, combine very well with different types of garments.

For example, you can perfectly wear a double-breasted wool coat, or another similar material, with jeans, a T-shirt and a scarf, it is a more casual but clean look thanks to the incorporation of the coat, if you want to soften the tones so that it does not be too formal you can opt for a light gray.

On the other hand, if you want to wear a more elegant look with dress pants, a shirt and a nice men’s tie in harmony with the coat, the plain double-breasted coat in black, or navy blue, will be perfect to complete the set.

Now that you know which are the classic coats that most allow you to create numerous outfits for this winter, we invite you to visit the Boneshia website and choose the accessories that best suit your style, whether casual or formal, do not forget to add the final touch of Boneshia.

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