Give a Kick Start to Your Clothing Brand

How to kick start your clothing brand: Starting our own business and becoming successful entrepreneurs is the dream of many. Who doesn’t likes that their product and their brand are on top of the charts and loved by all? But, as appealing as it may sound, starting your own business is not an easy game.

It takes a lot of thought, hard work, and patience to settle down a successful business.

Even though different people have their own different and unique ideas for a startup, today we are going to talk about the one which has become very popular these days. We are going to talk about the best ways to start up your fashion or clothing brand from scratch.

Whether you are an aspiring fashion model, a fashion designing student, or just a person who loves fashion and owns a clothing brand; you must have thought of establishing your brand at least once in your lifetime. The problem that most people face with this plan of establishing a new business is that they don’t know where they should begin from. Moreover, with the emerging use of social media and other online platforms, there are so many brands flourishing from every nook and corner of the world that it becomes hard to even think of entering into this tough race.

Well, it is not that tough a job if you are following the right guidelines and hence, here we are to your rescue with the best guide to set up your clothing brand. After all, every well-known brand today must have started from somewhere, right? So, all you need to do is make up your mind and start by taking baby steps one at a time. So, let’s begin your journey of becoming an entrepreneur!

Things to keep in your mind!

Well, before you jump into the dirty work, there are a few things that you need to keep in your mind. These things will be your success mantras in starting your clothing brand or any other business for that matter.

  • Be ready for obstacles and challenges all the way out. Nothing in life comes easy and when you are taking such a big step of establishing your business, you can’t even think of it being easy. So, always be prepared of facing new challenges and overcoming them.
  • Be consistent and patient. Things like becoming known to people and establishing a trusted brand take time. You might start getting orders within a few days but, you will reach your dream stage after quite a long time of hard work. So, prepare your mind to never give up. You need to be consistent and patient throughout your journey. Even if you are feeling low at some point don’t feel hopeless.

Steps of establishing your business

1.  Lookout for demanding areas

The goal of a thriving business is not to be one like the many others. Your goal should be to serve the demand of people. Find out the business ideas that are needed by the people. For example, there are thousands of brands providing luxurious clothing at a luxurious price. So, it would be a better idea for you to establish a business that provides the same kind of stuff at a comparatively cheaper price. Think out o the box and come up with something unique.

2.  Layout your business plan

Your business plan will serve you like a bible to your business. Hence, be sure that your business plan has every small detail you require to set up your business. It should focus on your goals and your action plan to achieve those goals.

To develop a perfect business plan, you need to start by asking yourself what is the purpose of your business. Is it to sell self-designed label garments or to set up a thrift shop for budget-friendly outfits. What area do I want to serve; local or international? Who are my target audiences? What will be my niche; modern or ethnic?

Whatever you decide on for your business, should be clearly laid down in your business plan. Then and only then you can run a successful business when you are clear about your goals. All your business activities, promotions, marketing everything depends on your business goals. At a pinpoint, your business will be driven by your goals so make sure your goals are crystal clear to you.

3.  Narrow down the target audience

Once you figure out the business goal and lay down your business plan, the next most important thing to do is to figure out who exactly is your target audience. Identifying the right target audience is a must to make your startup success as customers are the endpoint of whatever you produce.

To begin with, think of your audience or customers in regards to your product, for instance, if you are planning to launch a fashion thriving western clothes brand like short dresses, swimsuits, corsets, etc. then, most probably your target audience will be young women as they are more comfortable in playing with their fashion choices. However, if you are planning to launch a brand that offers comfortable fashion clothing then, you can target women or men from almost all age groups. If you are going to launch a kidswear label then your target audience or target customers should specifically be kids and their parents.

So, all you need to do is analyze your products and then decide what age group, gender group, or background of customers your clothes serve the best.

4.  What are you going to call your brand?

Well, the brand name is something that represents you and your work in front of the consumer world. Hence, it is something you need to give deep thought into. So, once you are done with your business plan, goals, target audience; now is the right time to think about a name for your brand.

What name you give to your brand is completely upon you. You can think of something that describes your product line, or something related to the fashion world, or even something that is related to your name or your name itself.

Just keep in mind that your brand name is going to represent you in your career ahead so think about it very carefully. Also, your brand name should not be something very common but also not so unique that people find it difficult to read, pronounce or remember. It should be something that is catchy and easy to grab.

5.  Decide on your production

Now that all the thinking and planning work is done, you need to jump into the actual work. It is time to finalize your production process. So, as a clothing label, first and foremost you need to decide the source of your clothes. By the source, we mean that whether you are going to handle the designing work yourself, hire someone else for that or pick up already manufactured clothes for your store.

If you are planning to get the clothes designed by someone else then you need to start by figuring out who the designer will be. Once the designer of your clothes is finalized whether it is you or someone else, you now need to plan how would you make the designs come true. This means that whether you are going to get in touch with a cloth manufacturer or do all the work by yourself. After all, designing is not the only thing. You will need to buy the raw materials, sewing essentials, people who can sew for your, etc.

On the other hand, if you are planning to just buy clothes and resell them with your label then you need to decide the markets or sellers from where you would get your stock.

Always remember, the first impression is the last impression and hence your launching collection should be very appealing to the customers.

6.  Set up your online platforms

In today’s world, the best marketing strategy for a startup is to make a buzz on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. So, before you launch your first collection, create your online handles and start posting on them. Make people aware of your brand. Ask your, family and friends, to spread the word. Also, it is a good idea to launch a website if you are planning to work on a large scale.

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