Best Natural Wonders In Europe

Europe is the home to many beautiful countries and bucket list locations making it always stay on the top of travel bugs radars. The continent has everything from rugged hills, beautiful hiking trails, clifftops, sparkling lakes, clear waters, and a beautiful seashore. Just name a natural wonder and you will find it in Europe waiting for your visit.

Being the home of 100’s of UNESCO World Heritage Site, Europe is a beautiful continent inside out. The thousands of beautiful corners of the continent share infinite love by travelers. Different people travel to Europe for different reasons and one of the biggest reasons is eco-friendly travels in Europe.

Finding natural hubs in Europe is easier and these places attract a good number of tourists every year. Planning a trip to nature-filled places in Europe? Get to know the best natural places in Europe from our guidebook on the best natural wonders in Europe.

Let’s know the best natural wonders in Europe

Black Forest, Germany

Every year tens of hundreds of people take direct flights to Germany from USA to visit the Black Forest. Looking like a sight from a fairytale, Black Forest is densely populated with trees on a mountain area. This forest owns an amazing quality of flora and fauna along with sharing the banks of the Rhine River.

Residing in the third-largest German state, Wurttemberg, Black Forest is a popular attraction in Europe. Moreover, this forest is the home to everything a nature lover can expect for including a number of old towns. Making it a perfect paradise for travelers looking for a natural stay in Europe away from the dazzling city lights.

The Tuscan Countryside, Italy

Tuscan hills are one of the most popular travel attractions among travelers who want to enjoy nature without going to remote regions. The countryside has many farmhouses, vineyards, along with beautiful nature.

Moreover, the mountains are covered in the shade of bright green and yellow colors.And this color comes from the perfect blend of sunlight and nature. Spend your time here exploring the vineyards and sipping different wines along with enjoying pollution-free air.

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Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

There is no place better than a national park to enjoy the best of nature in Europe.And thus, Plitvice Lake National Park provides you the same opportunity. Being a popular destination in Croatia this national park attracts thousands of travelers every annum.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this national park has everything that a nature lover can desire. No matter if you are craving beautiful sceneries or European wildlife you can do it all here at this national park.

Crooked Forest, Poland

Well, there is no match to the mystical beginnings and surprise element that Crooked Forest provides to its visitors. And this surprise element is responsible for the worldwide popularity of the Crooked Forest from Poland. Every year tens of hundreds of travelers book direct flights to Poland from the USA to look at this unique forest.

The main attraction here is the trees that are growing in the forest having an odd C-shape. Moreover, this forest is having many conspiracy theories about the shape of the tree. But these trees are believed to be naturally grown this way, and no theory has been proven right till now. The fact that makes this idea more amazing is that these C-shaped trees are standing between perfect trees. As a result, the land of perfectly shaped pine trees becomes a more mystical site for travelers visiting here.

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Residing on the western coast of Ireland, Cliffs of Moher are a beautiful sight to visit for nature lovers. A great place to enjoy beautiful views, these cliffs rise to 120 meters from the water level. Spread over 7 km of land these cliffs welcome you on the edge.

Moreover, these cliffs are representing the purest form of nature these cliffs are nothing less than a natural wonder.

Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Swiss Alps are a paradise for every skiing lover, but besides that, the Alps are also a great sight to behold. Covering approx. 65% of the country’s land, the Swiss Alps are the most popular attraction in Switzerland. Moreover, the Alps are standing here for 45 million years making them one of the oldest mountains in Europe.

Moreover, there are many adventurous for adventure-loving souls in the Swiss Alps. Here, you can participate in everything from hiking, skiing, and paragliding with the highest mountain peak in Europe.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

One of the most popular natural Italian locations, Amalfi Coast stretches up to 50 km on Italian lands. As a result, this is a perfect mix of nature, culture, and heritage. Moreover, the Amalfi coast is visited by tens of thousands of tourists every year.

There are many small-town and old villages residing at the Amalfi Coast that you can explore during your visit. Along with this, you can enjoy bout tours and beautiful views while your stay at this popular Italian location.

Isle of Skye, Scotland

The second-largest island of Scotland welcomes you to a paradise made up of nature lovers. The Isle of Skye is the most popular Scottish island and the favorite destination for each bug in the country. Moreover, this beautiful Scottish island has everything that a nature lover may be looking for.

Here, you can find rugged mountains, luscious greens, sparkling coastline, broad valleys, and picturesque sceneries. And the sunny weather of the island makes it the perfect place to get a sunbath and soak in sunlight.

Land’s End, UK

Residing in the most western parts of the United Kingdom, Land’s End is a proper English beauty. Being one of the most popular landmarks in Britain, Land’s End attracts the undivided attraction of tourists all around the world. This place is a perfect paradise for travelers looking for a remote experience and enjoys a leisure trip.

Allowing its travelers to stay away from the sparkling city lights and the time to relax and rejuvenate this place has a heavenly beauty. For grabbing the most beautiful here you must spend some time exploring the Cornish coastline. Also, enjoy the beautiful view from the Celtic Sea, Coves, and Caves.

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