Best Document Management Systems for Managing Workflow

We are stepping into digital era and mostly all the business are moving online. So, in this so called busy scheduled city life, digital era has made its space. It has changed the living of us all every day and changed the day to day tasks. But, we the digital era comes the responsibility of managing the data. Data production has drastically increased with increase in online business and internet usage. So, we need support and help to manage this data online as data in wrong hands can lead to disasters.

What is Document Management Software?

A Document management software or DMS is a software system developed to manage the data of organizations effectively. It can be used both for physical storage – management and electronic storage and management.  Also, with the process of document digitization services i.e. conversion of physical files into electronic format, there is an increase in demand of document management systems. A DMS is a great option to make things more spontaneous for your organization. It helps to manage data so swiftly that it is directly proportional to increase in organizational productivity.

How Document management system helps

Document management system is used by companies to manage, store, search and track the documents of their company. A DMS is responsible for whole process outlook of data management. From storing data, indexing, tagging files, creating backup and fast retrieval are some basic functionalities of a responsible document management system. With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, it is also helpful in improving and removing data redundancy. Data redundancy means the multiple and duplicates files being created by system and users for same file. These multiple files created can have adverse effect on data management.

Choosing Document Management System

With increase in demand of document management systems, we have also seen a sudden rise in organization dealing and developing DMS. It is getting very hard for the users to choose the appropriate document management system for their company. So, we will discuss the basic functionalities of some famous and well known document management systems. This will help to decide which DMS to choose as per the needs of your particular organization or individual. Some basic functionalities of a DMS are-

-Back Up
-User access
-Retrieval accuracy
-Retrieval time

Let us have a look at some famous document management systems-


Teembox is a well-known document management system launched by SoftAge. SoftAge has been serving the industry for past 27 years. It has well flourished name in verticals including document management, logistics, digitization, document storage service, software development and other IT solutions. SoftAge has delivered more than 100+ clients worldwide including big brands name.

Teembox has great reviews as it is very user friendly with perfectly built attractive design. The main usp of this product lies in its searching capability. The searching capability of this document management system is great and fetches you best and accurate results in no time.  Also, user friendly and customizable dashboard helps you to track flow of document management very easily.


For auto-indexing, index values are dynamically taken from the ERP/CRM record. This, combined with straightforward search functionality, makes it simple to locate the documents you require whenever you need them. The program includes a cutting-edge document capture capability that allows you to quickly capture any form of document. PaperSave also places a great emphasis on data protection. As a result, it allows users to keep track of all document modifications while also allowing you to provide certain roles and rights to other users.


Templafy is a useful and effective document management program. It gathers all company documents and organises them into a logical library that can be accessed with a single click. Users can collaborate with others in their team and track changes in real time from this location. Templafy also goes a step further by allowing customers to use custom templates to create a wide range of business papers. NDAs, HR contracts, and customer service communications are among the papers that the software automates.


It’s a tool for invoice processing, employee administration, marketing, and sales, among other things. As a standalone DMS, it may assist you in capturing and digitizing physical files in any format. The documents are archived for storage into electronic storage devices. Apart from the aforementioned benefits, the program also excels at automating workflows and making time-consuming management processes more understandable.

DocuWare is also a technology that raises the bar for document sharing and collaboration. You can use DocuWare to communicate with distant employees. As a result, your employees will be able to edit the information from anywhere in the world. The program also performs admirably in terms of automating workflows and making time-consuming management processes more understandable.


Above you can find the list of document management solutions and their features respectively. You can choose their features accordingly as per business needs and get access to document management system that best suits you.

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