Requirements to obtain CDSCO registration in India

Cosmetic import is on the rise. The emergence of all natural products from the west has made the vest salivate with dreams of better looks.  Unfortunately, this increase in demand has made the CDSCO – Central Drug Standard Control Organization – introduce more stringent rules in regards to CDSCO registration in India.

So, if you’re an aspiring cosmetics importer, make sure that you’re ready with the right requirements to obtain CDSCO registration in India.

Cover Letter

Your very first requirement is a cover letter. You’re going to use it to inform the CDSCO about the reason you seek the CDSCO license, and convince the organization to grant it to you.

Power of Attorney

You can’t expect to divert your time from your day to deal with the mountainous task of filing the application, documentation and department follow-up for CDSCO approval. You’d need experts for that.

Make them responsible for the CDSCO registration process and take every step on your behalf using a power of attorney.

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Draft a simple undertaking on the stamp paper stating that all the information you’re providing in the application form and the documents is true and within the regulatory norms of the CDSCO.

List of ingredients

Draft a neat document detailing the list of ingredients that are present in the cosmetic product you seek to import. Just naming the products is not enough, you also need to provide all the specifications of the product including:

  1. How it was procured,
  2. The degree of its purity, and
  3. Its concentration percentage in the cosmetic product.

Label put on the cosmetic

take a printout of the label of the cosmetic’s package. It should entail the following details:

  1. Product name
  2. Details of the manufacturer’s
  3. Product’s country of origin
  4. Manufacturing license for the product, if applicable
  5. Manufacturing license number in case of above

Testing details

The original manufacturer of the product must have done tests to assess the toxicity and efficacy – effectiveness – of the product. Provide the test reports of the same.

Free Sale Certificate

The regulatory authority of the product’s country of origin must have issued the manufacturer a free sale certificate. Provide a copy of it.


Three declarations on three stamp papers stating one of the following on each:

  1. No animals were tested during the testing phase
  2. No toxic chemicals were introduced in the product
  3. Controlled substances are only added to the product within the CDSCO regulations.

What comes after you have gathered all the requirements?

Once you have all that you need to file your application, you’d also need assistance of a consultant.

That consultant would take care of your application filing process and more. What comes after you gather the requirements is an expert team of Registrationwala.


Proper documentation is necessary to get any license from the government. The importance of such documents is ten-fold when you’re in the importing business.

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Thus, if at any time you get stuck getting the correct documents, consult with Registrationwala. We will assist you in documentation matters and more.

If you’re an aspiring cosmetics importer, make sure that you’re ready with the right requirements to obtain CDSCO registration in India. Dive into this blog to understand about these essentials for CDSCO approval.

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