How Long Do You Have to Sue for A Birth Injury Attorney in Woodland Hills?

 The birth of your child should be the most amazing experience in your life. However, when something goes wrong, it can turn into the worst day of your life.

If you’ve suffered or lost a child due to complications or negligence during childbirth, then you may be able to pursue legal action against the responsible parties with the help of an experienced Woodland Hills birth injury attorney.

There are strict statutes of limitations regarding filing of your personal injury lawsuit. In Woodland Hills it’s important to consult with a qualified lawyer as soon as possible after the incident occurs.

When you or your child suffers from severe injuries during birth, you’ll want to call an experienced birth injury attorney as soon as possible.

But how long do you have to sue? What happens if your case isn’t settle before your state’s statute of limitations runs out? These questions and many more are answer in this article on how long you have to sue for a birth injury attorney in Woodland Hills, CA, and beyond.

Statue Limitation in Woodland Hills for Birth Injury Attorney 

The statute of limitations on a birth injury is dependent on state laws. However, under California law, if you are suing over medical malpractice related to a baby’s birth. 

You have two years from when you first became aware of any potential cause of action. For example, if your child suffers injuries during delivery that lead to disabilities life. However, the injuries weren’t discovered until later – say at age 10. 

Then you would have two years from then (or two years past child’s birthday) within which to file suit. This may be different depending on what kind of injury has occurred.

If your child was born with certain congenital defects, it is possible they were present immediately upon birth and can be considered birth injuries per se; these types of birth defects do not accrue statutes of limitation. If there is reason to believe that injuries caused by negligence around labor.

 However, delivery could have long-term effects on your infant. However, it would certainly behoove you to seek legal counsel as soon as possible so you’re sure to meet these time limits. To find out more about filing a claim against a doctor or other healthcare provider after birth trauma occurs, consult a birth injury attorney today.

Role of Birth Injury Attorney  

Once you have taken time to determine whether or not your child was injured during childbirth, you should seek out an attorney who can guide you through filing a birth injury lawsuit.

It’s important that you hire a birth injury attorney who has experience with birth injury cases. A birth injury attorney can help you navigate all of your legal options, while navigating all of your medical options, making sure that everything is covered while ensuring that no stone is left unturned. 

He or she will also make sure that no time limit is miss, even if it means extending deadlines because of hospital error or medical malpractice caused by negligence.

How to Choose Birth Injury Attorney in Woodland Hills? 

Considering how important it is, choosing a good birth injury attorney can be a pretty intimidating task. How do you go about choosing a doctor when there are so many out there and some aren’t even doctors at all?

Don’t worry!

There is a basic step you can take before taking decision. 

One of those steps is learning how long you have to sue for a birth injury attorney in Woodland Hills. In Los Angeles, that time period is two years from when injuries or abnormalities first manifest themselves. In such cases when parents should reasonably have known about them, whichever comes later.

That doesn’t mean you can’t file after these dates; if circumstances warrant more time, courts may extend the statute of limitations on a case-by-case basis. So while two years may seem like plenty of lead time, don’t wait too long. 

Any missed deadlines could end up ruling out thousands (and possibly millions) of dollars for your family and loved ones.

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